Until the end of the “Nord stream — 2” left of 50 km In U.S. demand to stop

До конца «Северного потока — 2» осталось 50 км. В США требуют остановиться

Source: based on data Marinetraffic.com.
On the Danish section of the “Nord stream — 2” pipelay Pioneering Spirit came to the finish line. Until the end of the laying of the first pipeline was 50 kilometers. Meanwhile, American senators have written a letter to the leadership of the company that owns the pipe that he was waiting for a crushing and fatal sanctions.

The world’s largest pipelay Pioneering Spirit is below the island of Bornholm, and to the end of work in the economic zone of Denmark is left to him to lay 50 miles of “Nord stream — 2”. According to navigation portal Marinetraffic, the ship goes in the same pace — about five kilometers a day. The storm in this verse, and the wind speed in the area of the Baltic sea is now about 10 meters per second.

До конца «Северного потока — 2» осталось 50 км. В США требуют остановиться

Illustration: marinetraffic.com.

До конца «Северного потока — 2» осталось 50 км. В США требуют остановиться

20 kilometers for the Pioneering Spirit follows the laying vessel Solitaire, which puts a second branch of the Baltic pipeline. For each of the seals follows the ship, which carries out monitoring of the laid pipeline, — Fortitude and Oceanic. Another ten vessels are on route “dinnerware — port of Mukran”, providing the work materials.Judging by the rate of styling, Pioneering Spirit will complete the work in Danish waters, right before the New year, and Solitaire — for Christmas week. Still waiting for the booms a few kilometers styling in the German economic zone, to reconcile the German and Danish parts of the pipelines and weld the “Golden joint”.

This week German media reported that the project operator Nord Stream AG 2 requested permission for construction work at the Northern coast of Germany at the Federal office for Maritime shipping and hydrography in Hamburg. The company shall refrain from comment, but previously 2 Nord Stream AG has announced the completion of the laying of the German section of the pipeline. Obviously, we are talking about required to run small work. Against the issuance of the permit has made environmentalists. Including those who are in court trying to challenge the construction of the Baltic gas pipeline. One of the environmental activists Kim Detloff said that works are planned in the area of the Pomeranian Bay, where from January to March, the expected emergence of 1 million ducks and other waterfowl.

However, work off the North coast of Germany could perform the Russian company JSC “Mezhregiontruboprovodstroy”. Her barge “Fortuna” has already led to the construction of “Nord stream — 2” off the coast of Russia and is now in the German port of Mukran.

До конца «Северного потока — 2» осталось 50 км. В США требуют остановиться

Pipelay Pioneering Spirit. Source: nord-stream2.com.Meanwhile, American senators have passed to direct threats to the leadership of the Swiss Allseas, which owns not only pipelayers, but also the most supply vessels. Before signing by Donald trump of the bill on the U.S. defense budget for 2020, which included sanctions against shipowners — Baltic participants of the project, Republicans Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson, wrote in a letter to Allseas. In it, the senators demanded that the company immediately stop work, stating that the owner will be the month to minimize work. However, they emphasized, this does not mean that the court can complete the construction of the pipeline within 30 days.”In this case, you will destroy the future financial viability of your company and get the claims from the shareholders of billions of dollars,” he threatened the senators. They reported that the sanctions freeze all assets Allseas USA, cut off the company from the American market and faces a ban on any transactions with property in the U.S. and a ban on entering the country. “It’s time for a Pioneering Spirit and Solitaire to seek other waters for operation”, — summed up the pathetic senators in a letter to the Executive Director of the Allseas Group Edward Heerema.

In most shipping companies refrain from commenting. However, threats on the same day, December 18, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She said in the Bundestag that don’t stand for in Washington continued to undermine the German-supported gas pipeline project and is ready to take decisive negotiations. The German newspaper Bild found that, in fact, the German Chancellor declared Donald Trump the war.

The Danish section was the last, where down the Baltic pipeline with a total length of two strings 2,500 kilometers. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said that in the “Nord stream — 2” will launch in mid-2020.

Against the project capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year are the US, Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries. The construction of “Nord stream — 2” supported by Germany, which serves at the same time, and for the preservation of the Ukrainian transit, which showed yesterday’s negotiations Russia and Ukraine in the German capital. Vice-President of the European Commission maroš Šefčovič stated that the parties have agreed on the principal provisions and in the next few days will be ready agreement. The document will be clarified in Minsk, which will host the next round of negotiations.Source