Unusual desert planet that hit

Desert, many associated with the complete absence of life, but some desert areas of the planet can surprise.

Незвичайні пустелі планети, які вражають

Desert. How much it says about it! How many civilizations buried under its Sands. How many secrets yet undiscovered, buried in its vast latitudes!

Lencois Maranhenses

One of the most advicing deserts on Earth has earned this status by the presence on its territory… lagoons. To find this incredibly beautiful town in Brazil – a fairly “green” country with a humid climate. The length of the Lencois Maranhenses is fifty kilometers and 50 kilometers, you can observe beautiful white dunes and blue lagoons. Rainfall here is much more (300 times!), than in the Sahara – the biggest and nezamenimyi desert on our planet. Therefore, the fluid often accumulates in such rates, which, of course, evaporate later during a drought. And with the return of rain once again filled with crystal clear water, informs Rus.Media.

Незвичайні пустелі планети, які вражають

When monitoring Lencois Maranhenses, scientists discovered an interesting fact: at the time of the existence of the lagoon, in the water lives a large number of its inhabitants, and then, by evaporation, they disappear. But after, together with the rains, they appear again. That’s just where?

Black desert

Well, especially this desert is quite clear from the title. Interestingly, the desert where you can meet black sand and similar colored stones, is only a hundred kilometers from the White desert. The origin of all the local mountains, but volcanic, which explains such a specific color stones. Ground Black desert brown, and so the boulders almost merge with the ground, creating an extraordinary impression as dark wasteland. In addition to the color of sand, the Black desert is another contrast to the White and it is completely uninhabited.

Незвичайні пустелі планети, які вражають


And this desert will amaze you because it is often such a weather phenomenon like snow.

Незвичайні пустелі планети, які вражають

So, it would seem, stereotyped and known to us msceast, full of sand and heat, but there are occasional unexpected precipitation! But, it’s time to expand your horizons and learn something new. For example, the fact that the Central Asian Taklamakan desert – one of the twenty deserts, which are considered non-polar. Its area is about two hundred and seventy square kilometers. On the border of the Taklamakan desert along the famous silk road.

The Salar de Uyuni

Is the largest salt desert, which has a flat surface. In fact, the Salar de Uyuni is a dried-up when is a salt lake located at an altitude of about three thousand six hundred and fifty metres above sea level and has an area equal to ten and a half thousand square kilometers. Also, the Salar de Uyuni, You can see two small lakes which through large deposits of minerals, received a rather unusual color. In the desert, according to some estimates, over ten billion tons of salt, of which annually produced about twenty-five thousand.

Незвичайні пустелі планети, які вражають


Yet it is called “blooming the desert” and it is located in Chile. In the Guinness book of records brought the Atacama desert as the driest place on the planet. Even living organisms can be found only on half of the Attacks, and that is because that part of the territory of the people get their water, using the “tomanovica”. It is a cylinder, the walls of which are made of nylon yarns, which can reach the height of a man in size. Thus, even in the most arid desert to try to survive. By the way, these “tomanovica” for the day can bring up to eighteen liters of condensate.

Незвичайні пустелі планети, які вражають