Up to$ 3 Million for works of art for the tram

Between 2 and 3 million dollars will be invested in the creation of works of art intended for the tramway project and which will be representative of the neighbourhoods where will the network structuring, has confirmed to the Newspaper the responsibility of matters cultural in the City of Quebec, Alicia Despins.

“Our estimates say 2 to 3, indicates the advisor of Vanier-Duberger. It’s going to be agreed on with the ministry because these are the calculations that are complex. There must be a more precise budget of the transportation network to know exactly how many there will be in infrastructure. We may not know until the tender is not made. “

According to the policy of integrating the arts to public buildings – known as the rule of the 1 % –, only expenditure related to infrastructure, such as bus stops or bus shelters, are applicable. “The 1 % does not apply to the purchase of rolling stock, tram, bus, or repair of streets or the construction of tunnels “, said Ms. Despins.

In addition, the more the budget of a project is, the higher the percentage decreases. It is therefore wrong to infer that a sum of $ 30 million will be reserved for public art because the network structure will cost $ 3 billion.

“We were surprised to read the figure of 30 million during the Holiday season “, slips the advisor.

In the meantime to know the accurate sum that will be available, a reflection committee, which is comprised of representatives of the city of Bordeaux, which runs a tram, already has for mission to identify ways to use it.

In the interview, Alicia Despins talking about digital art in the sector of Saint-Roch, talks about the status of Quebec as a literary city. “The options are endless “, ignites it.

Not everywhere

However, not all stations, tram or bus shelters that will be a work of art, shall notify Alicia Despins.

“We don’t want to crumble the 2-3 million around a bit and just doing small projects. Of course, it will be because there are areas that ask for things that are closer to the people, more cultural mediation, where the work has been inspired by the street corner. But there will also be works of structuring that will talk to each other and follow a certain frame. “

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