Urgently throw this stuff out of the house! She is attracted to you failure and disease

Срочно выкиньте эту гадость из дома! Она привлекает к вам неудачу и болезни

  1. Old worn-out sneakers should not be stored in the house — they attract negative energy. If the Slippers are torn, they should be removed from the apartment.
  2. Also, do not store in the house of torn, worthless clothes. Always evaluate the old shoes and clothes on the principle that whether you wear it yet. If you do not — throw away.
  3. Utensils that are cracked, chipped, defects, obtained in the process of exploitation, violation of food energy, making it dangerous for human health. How could you not like the dishes, but if it is cracked or it’s chipped, this dish should be discarded. Dish (bowl) represents a family. Ware flaws indicate potential problems in the relationship.
  4. Live plants, stems that twine wall may not be inside the house. Climbing plants attract a variety of diseases. If the plant is outside the house, from the outside, it helps your home is protected. But if such a plant indoors, then its growth should be organized in such a way that twisted stems form a ball in the pot. You can set the frame of the wire.
  5. Canes in the house to keep dangerous. Dried, they attract portend misfortune and illness, death. Such troubles will bring a feather, if they decorate the room. He foretells widowhood.
  6. At the same time in the house can have other dried flowers, for the most part they process negative light, protecting residents from diseases.
  7. Should not be grown at home and such flowers as pansies. They are traditionally planted by the graves.
  8. Pine branches in a vase to put appropriate only during the Christmas holidays. Bad luck to keep these branches in a flat in the rest of the year.
  9. A begonia is a symbol of family well — being — will always help to balance the situation.
  10. Presented to the palm will never make in your house is to great sorrow.

That is very desirable to have in the house

  1. Flowers in pots always reflect the status of their owners. If you care about the colors, they as always will tell.
  2. Tanned hides in the house (shop, office…) contribute to a successful trade, capital increase and protect their belongings. Only the skins need care and attention.
  3. Dried flowers put in a vase and create a unique bouquet, promote prosperity, wealth, health and comfort. They neutralize the negative energy. However, in Russia today is absolutely common misconception that dried flowers cannot be stored in the house. Even more improved energy home flowers and herbs, hanging beams in a particular place or in the backrooms.Remember, before each house of the village bundles of herbs hung from the ceiling or tucked behind lintel. Herbs and flowers are stored in the home and the natural drying, release the energy of health, which protects the home during periods of epidemics.
  4. Figures of animals (not grotesque) protect the house from harm and keep money wealth. Dogs, bears, tigers, dragons protect you. Figures of soldiers, soldiers, dolls, repetitive and delivered in a row are a great cleanser. Elephants are going after each other and decreasing in size from largest to smallest, are a versatile cleaner. Not by chance the elephants had stood on the shelves in many homes.
  5. Pillow charms of conjugal love. If tapestry pillows with embroidered patterns, bright — they store separation from a loved one and are focusing on the partner. If the pillow colors is a talisman of health; if images of people, animals protects against hazards; if the image of landscapes, buildings — it helps to be successful in your endeavors.
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