Uruguay hosted the first round of presidential elections: Leader of the center-left, Daniel Martinez

В Уругвае прошел первый тур президентских выборов: Лидирует левоцентрист Даниэль Мартинес

The former mayor of the capital Montevideo Martinez scored 40% of votes, while his rival, a member of the center-right National party’s Luis Lacalle On 29%
The candidate of the ruling center-left coalition “Broad front” Daniel Martinez is leading in the elections in Uruguay, however, will need a second round. This is evidenced by opinion polls conducted by Factum, Cifra, Equipos Opcion and, according to Reuters.
The former mayor of Montevideo, Uruguay, Martinez scored 40% of votes. His rival, a member of the center-right National party (“Blanco”) Luis Lacalle received 29% of voter support. In General for the highest office in the country fought 11 candidates.

The current President of Uruguay tabaré vázquez in August reported that doctors discovered he had lung malignancy. Vasquez is a member of the center-leftist “Broad front”. From 2015, the year he began to rule for second term.

The head of state in Uruguay is elected for five years without the right to re-take the presidency or the Vice-President (elected in tandem) earlier than five years after the end of the mandate. To win in the first round a candidate must gain more than 50% of the vote. If the leaders of selective race is not gaining enough votes for an absolute victory, then held a second round which, in this case, to be held on the last Sunday of November.

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