US forces are preparing for a world war and the fall of America.

 Вооруженные силы США готовятся к мировой войне и падению Америки.

“If two or more persons in any state or in any territory or any place under the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, to overthrow or destroy by force the government of the United States, or of waging war against him, or against his authority, or to prevent, hinder or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or to capture and/or possession of any property of the United States against his government, each of them shall be fined under this Act or imprisoned for a period not exceeding twenty years, or both period.”The unfolding global crisis has sharpened interest in futurology. What will become of us what will happen to the world? Those warnings are in the street laughing, and the officer was trying to remove from sight, suddenly proved to be correct, and if so, then the catastrophic forecasts to those of the futurists, saying that the most powerful States in the next two to three decades can be destroyed, requires close attention.

As someone who works with governments, military and intelligence agencies around the world, I can tell you that the United States is currently preparing for a global war and to the final collapse of the United States. Starting in 2020, we will begin to see magical shit, which none of us could imagine that this is possible – for example, increased political dissent and chaos in Amer-om the government; along with the global uprisings, anarchy, and then finally a global war.
As for the United States military are many people from many States. In fact, as investors, business owners, and as a former military man and founder of the Freemen(the group, composed of ex-military and ex-scouts of the USA), we have already started the creation of a new state system and the city called the apex(Apex). It is noteworthy that the apex will be located between St. Joseph and Kansas city(Missouri), and the fact that the new Constitution is already written.
Of course, the American government, and some Europeans know this fact, because many of the government officials in the US and the EU have something, but donated into the pot, and helped plan the whole concept.

The government understands that the United States, the West in General have passed the point of no return. There is no President, no politician who could correct the situation leading into the great abyss. Look at the news, the government of many countries continues to talk about the civil war in the United States.

But, in 2016 have already discussed the idea of civil war, the liberal-minded citizens with coservatory and administration trump. So far, this is what I have now. As soon as will pass the days and will receive new information, I will continue to inform the world about it.

Remember, in the spring of 2020 Ad would open up his mouth for America.

Meanwhile, all this was confirmed by the lawyer representing the so-called “informant” in the investigation of impeachment against President Donald trump, mark S. Zaid. In 2017, Zeid warned that “the revolution began”, adding that “in the end, will be followed by impeachment.”

“The revolution began. The first of many steps. In the end, will follow the impeachment,” he wrote then, probably, who knows anything about strategy initcontent, the lawyer, apparently, and describing the reason why you began the process, “the President dismisses the current agents Sally Yates for “failure to obey lawful order, designed to protect the citizens” of the United States”

As explained by The Breit Bart, Zaid was referring to the dismissal of the acting attorney General Sally Yates, who refused to defend the order of the President of the trump prohibiting travel to the United States from terror-prone countries that have been identified as such under the Obama administration.

Yates at that time was one of the active operatives of the Deep state, which sought and still seek to overthrow President trump.

As noted earlier, The Fox News, the so-called “informant” is CIA Eric Ciaramella, who not only worked with ex-Vice President Joe Biden, but also interacted with one of the key Democrats responsible for bringing Ukraine to the elections in 2016 and the preparation of a false conspiracy theory of “Russian conspiracy”.

The New York Times notes that in 2017 Zaid co-founded a small non-profit organization, which was hyped by ads throughout the district of Columbia, actively seeking whistleblowers in the administration of the trump. In addition, as reported by Klein , firm, Zaid has offered preferential rates for whistleblowers wishing to obtain legal representation – in exchange for dirt for the administration of the trump.

About the civil war and writes Chattam, writer, whose book about it became extremely relevant. Anyway, when would not began standing on the brink of America’s civil war, no positive program prevent the civil war there, and the only positive in it is that after it is in the U.S. there moneysave national state, community citizens, i.e. the United States in its current form after it we are unlikely to see.

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