Us presidential election: Nancy Pelosi supports Joe Biden

Présidentielle américaine: Nancy Pelosi soutient Joe Biden

Washington | The president of the House of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced Monday that it pledged its support in the race to the White House to Joe Biden, candidate for the democratic party for the presidential election of 3 November, in a video message.

“Today, I am proud to give my support to Joe Biden in the race for the presidency of the United States, because I think he would be a president extraordinary,” said Nancy Pelosi in a video message.

Joe Biden, 77 years old, has not yet been officially invested by the democratic party – this will need to wait for the convention that would take place in August – but he is the only candidate still in the running since his rival Bernie Sanders has announced to stop its campaign, at the beginning of the month.

After two months of primaries, during which some thirty States had voted, the senator independent, the program resolutely to the left, was widely distanced by the former vice-president of Barack Obama, considered more to unite the electorate as a centrist behind him to beat the republican Donald Trump in 2020.

A large majority of the chiefs of the party have lent their support to Joe Biden during the primaries.

Former president Obama himself has announced his support for Mr. Biden two weeks ago.

Since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus, the us campaign is at a standstill and Joe Biden barely much to be heard from the basement of his home, where he records videos.

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