Us scientists intend to prove the existence of the afterlife

The head of the research group is confident that souls go to a parallel world.

Американські вчені мають намір довести існування загробного життя

A group of American scientists decided to focus all their attention on the study of one question: is there an afterlife? A new theory was closely linked to a parallel reality, according to Rus.Media.

Robert Lanz, head of group of researchers, stated that the souls of the dead travel to a parallel world, but only for a certain time. People die physically, but not spiritually. After a certain period of each soul is reborn and sent back to reality.

Experts have already laid the Foundation of the concept of Lanza, which is based on biocentrism.

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It is worth noting that currently scientists have no proof regarding the afterlife, but the beginning of a large study is necessary. Robert Lantz assured that his theory he will prove.

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