US senators called on trump to cancel the meeting with Putin

Democrats in the U.S. Congress called on trump to cancel a planned summit with Russian President Putin after the U.S. justice Department has put forward direct accusations against 12 Russian spies to intervene in the elections.

Сенаторы США призвали Трампа отменить встречу с Путиным

The relevant statements were made on Friday, the leaders of the Democrats in the Senate and House of representatives, told Central American TV channel CNN.

“President trump should cancel his meeting with Vladimir Putin, while Russia will not accept a credible and transparent steps to prove that they will not interfere in the upcoming elections. Happy shaking hands with Vladimir Putin immediately after these charges would be an insult to our democracy,” said the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi leading the Democrats in the House of representatives, for his part stressed that in the current context of relations with the Russians must be tougher.

“President trump should demand and provide real, specific and comprehensive deal that the Russians will stop their ongoing attacks on our democracy. The inability to confront Putin would be a complete betrayal of the Constitution and our democracy,” said Pelosi.

Recall: the summit with participation of presidents of the United States and Russia scheduled for next Monday, July 16, in Helsinki.

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