USA are not prepared for the future war, what it really will have to fight

США готовятся не к той будущей войне, в какой ей реально придется воевать

There is an old saying that generals always fight the last war. Well, in the bowels of the defence Department of the USA there is a related and previously unknown phenomenon, namely that the generals are not prepared for the next war.Actually, you should give them credit — at least where they deserve it — the us military is working hard to prepare for the next war. The problem is that the future war, how they represent it, are a product of their imagination, than that which arises from military capabilities and intentions of the enemy. We are not preparing for war, which will be China and Russia; we are preparing for war what we want to see it: the war of high technology, many complex “multidimensional” words, artificial intelligence helps to implement the operational command of the fight, with scattered, flexible and light units, bearing havoc deep behind enemy territory, with small unmanned vehicles, through the air, water, and rolling on the earth, and has almost magical properties, all this will be supported perfectly debugged the production network, providing detailed information about the current situation.What kind of war we intend to offer the Russian and the Chinese? They create more and more heavy armored units that use more powerful explosives to be delivered with increasingly heavy artillery fire and ballistic missiles. The Chinese are preparing for a war of attrition and seek to surpass us in all planes military capabilities. Russian show us what kind of war they have to offer through their prooperirovanna invasion of the Ukraine. It is a war of unimaginable destruction, backed by artillery, using electronic warfare and unmanned aerial vehicles, all with the support of heavy armored units. In a matter of seconds from the face of the earth erased entire combat units. Our enemies are preparing to apply combat drone machine, not caring about collateral damage.In other words, the enemy is going to wage war with massive firepower, heavy armored units, large-scale and effective electronic warfare and unmanned vehicles-killers a La “the Terminator”.Now take a look at what war games we have.We are preparing to hold the first multi-dimensional (multi-domain) exercises operational command and control, “cross-domain one.”We are preparing for war neat columns of data, complex user interfaces, spreadsheets, and systems that control other systems, and it will command the dispersed units of light infantry and a small number of logistics ships with several anti-ship missiles. Our understanding of the firepower is a 30 mm machine gun, which we proudly placed on the Strikers and called it the Stryker Dragoon. Russian in their heavily armored tanks T-90 or T-14 Armata with their 125-mm cannons, of course, should tremble before slaboosnovnymi the Strikers with a machine gun as the main armament.While Russia is developing improved cluster munitions, while China mass produces conventional ballistic missiles, the Russian Ministry of defense has created a program for the research and development of non-lethal weapons.Where military exercises, studying the devastating impact of pure firepower? Where exercises in which we tried to figure out how to defeat the armored division? Studied what to do when heavy shelling? Learned to operate in a not working communication, no GPS, plugged the radar and the constant cyberattack? To operate in conditions of controlled opponent the sky?Our badly misguided military leadership came up with his fantasy about how it will look next war — a war that does not coincide with the projected reality and constantly checks our systems and weapons against this unrealistic invented a future war. Our generals and admirals, I congratulate yourself and each other with worrisome results of these exercises is imagined by them as a result of the war rather wishful thinking than on the basis of the actually demonstrated enemy capabilities and plans.We left firepower far behind in pursuit of the perfect understanding of the data. We forgot that even a perfect understanding of the situation is useless without a means of destruction that we see. Forgot that firepower is more important than awareness of the combat situation — don’t need to know exactly where the enemy is, if you have firepower, ready to wipe the dust a couple of hundred square meters of the territory (with all the attendant collateral damage). Irresistible artillery fire does not require precise pointing.Decade, sluggish and representing a minor risk of conflicts brought up in our military leadership consciousness and confidence that a war with Russia/China/Iran/North Korea will be more or less the same, and that the war can be win data and work networks. Now this is a stupid and self-righteous leadership comes up with stories of fantastic exercises, simply because they can’t understand the horror, devastation and barbarism, which will be a war with an equal military power of the force.

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