USA explained the suspension of aid to Kiev

США объяснили приостановку помощи Киеву

© RIA Novosti / Natalia Seliverstova
The U.S. decision to suspend aid to Ukraine due to the corruption in this country and the unwillingness of other countries to provide such support, said the acting head of the administration of Donald trump Mick of Malvani.Malvani denied earlier statements in which he said that the freezing of funds of Kiev, in part, led the investigation against Democrats.Earlier media reported that trump was looking for evidence that hacking the server of the Democratic party was associated with Ukraine, not Russia. About this American leader has mentioned, in particular, in a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky.”Did he (trump) me in the past about corruption associated with the server of the national Committee of the Democratic party? Definitely. So we detained (translated) means,” — said acting head of administration of the President of the United States at a briefing on Thursday.
On a question of journalists, whether means it that Washington asked a “favor”, Malani said that the United States is doing in foreign policy.”And again, the media decided to misinterpret my comments to promote biased and a political witch hunt against President trump. Let me be clear: there was no services for the service with respect to military assistance to Ukraine and any investigation for the elections of 2016″, — he clarified in his new statement.Also Malani added that the US President never asked him to withhold the funds until the Ukrainian side does not “do something for the server.””The only reason that we kept the money, had concerns about the lack of support from other countries and concerns about corruption,” concluded the acting head of the White house.

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