USA for security purposes, has suspended flights to Venezuela

США в целях безопасности приостановили авиасообщение с Венесуэлой

The U.S. Department of transportation, guided by considerations of security, took the decision to suspend flights to Venezuela, reports TASS.

According to the Ministry of internal security for American citizens, there is a danger of stay in the country, where he resumed mass protests. Scuffle in Venezuela could provoke an escalation of the conflict, in this connection, the Minister of transportation Elaine Chao has revoked all permits for both public and private transportation.

In addition, on may 1, the Federal aviation administration of the United States addressed the American airlines with a request to leave Venezuela within two days.

We will remind, in the Bolivarian Republic of 21 January, began protests against President Nicolas Maduro. The opposition leader Juan Guido proclaimed himself the interim leader of the country. April 30 began a new wave of disturbances, resulting in five people were killed and several hundred injured.