USA go, the goals remain – why Washington delays the war in Syria

США уходят, цели остаются – почему Вашингтон затягивает войну в Сирии

The United States opened the card: its military presence in Syria, they explain the oil fields. Is not satisfied, however, other players in the middle East.

Foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the U.S. actions in Syria unacceptable – an attempt to assess the Syrian fields by anyone other than ATS are contrary to international law. Nobody has the rights to Syrian resources.

Meanwhile, middle Eastern campaign initially aimed at taking the oil fields. That’s why Washington’s actions in Syria appear to be contradictory. On the one hand, they claim that the fight with ISIS (banned in Russia), on the other, educate the terrorists of the Kurdish military units of the SDF. One, the withdrawal of troops from Syria, on the other, leave a military contingent, ostensibly to protect deposits. That inferior place in Turkey to come and work with Kurdish radicals that threaten sanctions Ankara for the continuation of the operation “the Source of peace”. The white house deliberately delaying war in order to get closer to foreign oil.

Amazingly, the US President did not hide his true intentions. Donald trump has openly stated that it wants the States retained control over the Syrian oil fields, liberated from ISIL. And that almost 90% of Syria deposits, localized on the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates river. Moreover, the proceeds from the sale of crude oil, according to trump, will go to the Kurdish militants of the SDS.

Coupled with the supply of arms to another wing of the Arab-Kurdish terrorists – SDF, the puzzle piece turns into the whole picture: the state is not required calm middle East – they want only war.

Why the U.S. plans and actions of terrorists in Syria condones the EU is anyone’s guess. How aptly the President of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad, the influx of refugees from war-torn regions of the Middle East and Africa afraid of Europe, but much worse for her support of terrorists in Syria.

And it is well understood in Russia, make your best efforts for a peaceful settlement in the region. Diplomatic efforts by the foreign Ministry, defense Ministry and personally the President Vladimir Putin has allowed to establish a dialogue with Turkey and the Syrian government, to establish a zone of de-escalation in Idlib, and also to return to their homes to thousands of refugees.

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