USA occupied some oil fields in Syria

США оккупировали несколько нефтяных месторождений в Сирии

After the public recognition of the trump that of the United States from Syria need only oil, Washington will not hide their selfish intentions. “Left” the region, American troops returned and settled in the area of oil land near Iraq. Soldiers went into ATS through the illegal checkpoint on the Iraqi border.

Today about 90% of Syrian oil is concentrated on the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates – the land that is planning to attack the United States. And Americans go to the region with allegedly good purpose – to protect the oil from is militants (Banned in Russia), but this is a blatant lie.

Actually the US is using the Kurds and the jihadists to protect the oil lands to Damascus, rightfully in possession of these territories returned under control is important for Americans land. Still, the oil smuggling has been and remains the main source of income of the United States, allowing it to sponsor fighters and Kurdish terrorists in Syria. Trump even admits that the Kurds have long time to go into the oil region.

So because of U.S. oil are deliberately delaying the Syrian conflict. This is a serious irritant, hindering the region to return to civilian life, and the government – to restore the ruined cities.

All of Washington’s foreign policy in the middle East is to create a zone of instability, come there under the guise of aid and plunder the rich oil and gas lands. USA benefits of a new round of conflict in Syria, the best the endless struggle against terrorism, which they themselves have created.

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