USDA improved forecast Ukrainian wheat and corn — aggravated the

USDA улучшило прогноз по украинской пшенице, по кукурузе — ухудшило

The Ministry of agriculture of USA (USDA) forecasts wheat harvest in Ukraine in 2019/2020 MG at the level of 29 mln tonnes, which is 0.3 million tons more than previously expected.

This is stated in the November USDA forecast.

The forecast of wheat exports increased 0.5 million tons to 20 million tons

Also improved expectations for production in Ukraine of the barley by 0.3 million tonnes to 9.5 million tonnes the Forecast for exports remained at 4.8 million tonnes.

Crop Ukrainian corn experts worsened by 0.5 million tonnes to 35.5 million tonnes Waiting for export of this crop has remained at the level forecast Oct — 30 million tonnes.

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