Useful tips from experienced hairdressers, which You have not heard

Presents tips familiar to those in the art of hairdressing. But others gleaned a lot of useful.

Корисні поради від досвідчених перукарів, про які Ви не чули

Tip # 1. Experts advise to comb hair outdoors or in a well ventilated area. This is the most ideal delivery of oxygen to the scalp and roots of hair, informs Rus.Media.

Oxygen promotes cell renewal of the scalp. And he is responsible for the natural Shine of the hair.

Tip # 2. To create the lush styling foam, use a brace or a mousse. You should only apply it to hair roots.

Tip # 3. The best option of fixing greasy hair is of medium length and short – Styler. For thin and dry hair, the hair extremeley fixing noticeable, and it looks like this thing is dirty and ugly.

Tip # 4. If you wanted to dye my hair a different color, then never change completely your natural color. Start with the shade or color that is closer to your natural pigment. Brunettes generally can not lighten your hair by 4 or more tones. Red and brown suitable weave all these strands into one or two shades lighter than your natural color.

Tip # 5. When selecting the color for coloring the hair, remember that the darker the natural hair color, the warmer should be the chosen shade.

Tip # 6. Before you wash off the paint, check how well you paint over the hair: back comb move paint on the ends and roots of hair, then compare color. If they are very different, the exposure time of the paint will have to increase.

Корисні поради від досвідчених перукарів, про які Ви не чули

Tip # 7. Some colorists to their clients before painting is recommended to experiment with hairpieces or wigs. However, it’s a waste of time and money, because artificial hair shade selection is limited, and the result on the wig will be very different from how it will look on natural hair.

Tip # 8. Now, many hair dyes have in their composition of plant extracts. But honestly, this all dead poultices. Any staining – stress for the hair, and after the obligatory masks and serum for nourishment and restoration.

Tip # 9. There are no tools that would have restored the keratin. The maximum that you can do in advance to protect their hair, and not to give oxidation processes to destroy the protein. This will help only maleic acid. Nothing more.

Tip number 10. Don’t place the curler at night, it will only damage the structure of the hair. It then bude is brittle, lose their elasticity and Shine.

Tip # 11. If you have a round face, long and thick fringe that covers the forehead will make your self funny: a person visually will be even smaller and wider.

Tip # 12. For owners of thin and long neck ideal haircut “Page” or a classic haircut with volume napugalo hair, curled in ringlets (left). For your neck of the volumetric haircut is not suitable, but ideal haircut with strands of hair falling on the neck (right).

Корисні поради від досвідчених перукарів, про які Ви не чули

Tip # 13. To haircut long remained neat – it needs to be adjusted not less than once in 20 days. Otherwise, the cut will ruin the regrown hair ends.

Tip # 14. Once a week scalp massage is required. And it’s a pretty pleasant experience. Head massage normalizes blood circulation in the scalp, stimulates hair growth and keeps for a long time their natural Shine and elasticity.

Tip # 15. If suddenly you have dramatically hair was unruly, dry and thin, in this case, the first thing to think about care, and about going to the endocrinologist. Most often these symptoms are characteristic of hypothyroidism.