Useful tips how to teach a child gratitude

Gratitude or the ability to appreciate what you have – mandatory quality conscious person. How to teach this child.

Корисні поради, як виховати в дитині подяку

Learn to just say thank you, but you cannot force children to feel grateful. But you can generate in the child the ability to analyze and appreciate! Due to this, parents not only make them happy, but also to ensure yourself respect and a dignified old age, reports Rus.Media.

Teach by example

For what are you thankful for your children? How often do you tell them about it? Most parents these questions will stump him. But you can teach only by example.

Feel free to thank the children. Come down off your parental pedestal and notice all the little things from the baby. He made himself a sandwich for Breakfast, collected the briefcase or without reminders cleaned the cage of a Guinea pig, I brought you a napkin or swept the floor. Right now way that you can say thank you to your son or daughter. You will notice how changing your child as he himself wants to do more good deeds. And soon he will begin to appreciate all that you do for him.

Not to be confused appreciated and thanks. “It’s good that you sat with my little brother!” – an assessment. “While you were sitting with a younger brother, I managed to take a shower! Thank you!” is gratitude. To evaluate means to label: fits or not the child’s behavior to your expectations. To thank means to show how the child has changed the world or at least your mood.

Exercises for the education of gratitude

Happiness, gratitude child can be developed. This will help special exercises.

1. Exercise “Thanks to this day”

The rule is at the end of each day, before sleep, reminisce with your child pleasant moments for which he may be someone to thank. Daddy bought a new book seller in the store gave a balloon, grandma baked a cake, the cars stopped passing you at the crosswalk, in the yard you met your new roommate, etc. This can be a variety of events, impressions.

What he teaches? Enjoy the little things and look at life as a chain of gifts – large and small.

2. Exercise “Good deeds”

From time to time arrange with the children the day of good deeds when you help others. Together with the kids to sweep the landing, or to wash Windows in the stairwell to help an elderly person in the store, feed homeless animals, dismantle toys and clothing and highlight some of them for children from the orphanage.

What he teaches? It is necessary not only to take but to give.

3. Exercise “What happiness!”

During the day, capture the child’s attention on the pleasant moments. How lucky that today is Saturday and we don’t need to get up early by an alarm clock! How fortunate that we have a TV and we can watch! How fortunate that the store is open until eight and we had to go!

What he teaches? Simple truth: happiness is in the details.

4. Exercise “the notebook”

Before going to sleep or any free time, you can initiate the compilation of a chain of childhood memories-emotions. “Do you remember how you enjoyed…”, “you were happy when…”we Can agree that each family will remember the five most enjoyable moments of last month.

What he teaches? Emotional responsiveness.

5. The game-stroking

Cut-out cardboard cards and write on each small task or question. For example:

“What part would you like to do tomorrow?”,

“What and who would you say thanks?”,

“With whom you had a good time today?”

“What do you dream about?”

Add cards with images-strokes. For example, the heart means a kiss (mom’s kiss), a leaf – stroking on the back, the circle, the child kisses his mother, etc Before going to sleep lay before the child a task down, let him pull all three and perform them.

What he teaches? To analyze the events of the day, forming a positive attitude to life.

6. Learn to share

Show the children how great it is to share with others. It can be things, sweets, hand made gifts, compliments. Going to grandma’s house – invite your child to draw her a card or prepare a gift. The baby was treated with candy? Offer to buy half sister or mom. Sure that at least once a day child plays with anyone shared.

What he teaches? Share with others not to be greedy.

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