Useful tips: how to train a pet to walk in the tray

Full list of tips to help you cope with this task.

Корисні поради: як привчити домашнього улюбленця ходити в лоток

If you think the kitten is still quite small, then teach him to the toilet will be your task. Buy kitty litter is necessary in advance, as well as the right tray filler. How to choose the tray for a kitten we will describe below, I advise you to read these recommendations, informs Rus.Media.

Why the kitten does not go in the tray

When you buy a kitten older than 2-3 months, it usually already knows what the tray. However, it often happens that in a new place in the new environment, the kitten won’t go in the tray. Why? Maybe it’s scared and afraid to move on a new territory, perhaps, on the contrary, explores her and instinctively aiming (goes to the toilet not in the right place), but perhaps the baby is simply not remember where the toilet is new. Whatever the reason, in this article we will tell you how to teach a kitten to walk in the tray.

Корисні поради: як привчити домашнього улюбленця ходити в лоток

WC kitty: tips for choosing

For kittens it is best to purchase a tray with walls having a height of 5-7 cm, it needs to be sustainable. The choice of filler, then you first need to ask the people where you buy the kitten – suddenly they just covered the tray in pieces of Newspapers and bought the granular filler, the kitten does not accept as a toilet. When the tray with grid (with no filler) be prepared for possible difficulties, because the kitten will not like to stand on the wet plastic, and therefore he can choose as your toilet shoes (it has exactly dry).

Корисні поради: як привчити домашнього улюбленця ходити в лоток

The rules encourage the kitten to the tray

  • First, we note that in any case it is impossible to use force. Kitten takes time to smell the tray and read it, to understand that this pan is its toilet.
  • If the kitten goes to the toilet past the tray, it is necessary with a cloth (must be unscented) to wipe the place emptying and put it in the tray. The urine is strongly attracted to animals, so the kitten will find a litter box and think that the last time I went to relieve him – and now don’t miss.
  • Sometimes the cat or kitten may not like filler, so it’s worth a try to change its type or to take an equivalent from another manufacturer.
  • If the kitten is still very small and the above methods do not help, try from time to time to wear your pet in the tray, particularly after we feed him.
  • Possible follow the kitten as soon as he will squat to “make his case” or hide in a secluded place – move it to the tray. Not in a hurry, so as not to scare him.
  • Plays an important role and the location of the toilet, put the tray in a place where the kitten will feel that he is on everyone’s mind.
  • And last – don’t let the kitten on the bed or sofa until, until he learns to pee only on the tray.

Корисні поради: як привчити домашнього улюбленця ходити в лоток