Useful tips that will help you cook the perfect chicken soup

Chef know many useful secrets.

Корисні поради, які допоможуть приготувати ідеальний курячий суп

  1. It is very important chicken broth to cook on low heat, very bright and transparent.
  2. A nice amber tint will give the broth a roasted carrot. If in the recipe it is not, deal with it, for example, turmeric.
  3. Chicken soup perceives any vegetables: pumpkin, squash, potatoes. They must cook separately and add to the blender along with other ingredients of the soup. Vegetable soup will not spoil, but you must adhere to a reasonable proportion.
  4. It would seem that chicken soup with vermicelli is a little different from chicken soup with homemade noodles, but cook it much easier, although the taste of homemade pasta is something!
  5. Frozen chicken carcass is necessary before cooking to defrost and rinse thoroughly in several waters.
  6. Cooking chicken soup can be made of any parts of the chicken carcass – it depends on your choice, but must be the bones for soup broth.