Useful to know: how to respond to child tantrums in public places

Полезно знать: как правильно реагировать на истерики ребенка в общественных местах

When a child is throwing tantrums, that there is always a reason, an explanation of the frequency or circumstances. In fact, all that a grown person encounters in life. But the adult is already able to cope with their emotions, and the child not always. Need to work on this issue in advance. The best medicine is prevention, says psychologist Julia Chemer.
The psychologist explained how to respond to child tantrums in public places.

“Hysteria is a reaction to external stimuli. It’s the same violent emotion or a combination of several. And over your emotional state to work and to teach the children,” explains the expert.

It is also a good way of manipulation, she commented, if the child already tried that and it turned out to get what you want through the Creek.

“The best way to avoid emotional outbursts in public places – it is the established rule: “Say what you want, and we always can discuss it”, – says the psychologist.

The first manifestations of loud reactions at home, as a way of manipulation, it is worth reminding your child that “Mom or dad is bad you know when you scream. Tell me quietly and we can hear each other”. If it sounded earlier in problematic situations, that method will be effective outside the home, the expert said.

Tantrums also occur in crisis periods, when it hurts, is inconvenient when the fright or just a strange situation for the perception of her as a child.”You need to watch yourself and be aware that the child is also a person who is looking for support in the adult. But everyone has their limits of intimacy and independence. Ignoring the rule of “Adult is the main thing in the family” parents are putting yourself on a large number of uncomfortable situations in public places,” says Chemer.

The psychologist said that children are our happiness, which we as parents love unconditionally, but we should not forget that the little man is not always able to verbalize their problems, desires and requirements.

Полезно знать: как правильно реагировать на истерики ребенка в общественных местах

“That is not to say the words, to be handed emotion. And only parents can observe: when, how, how often. And what is the cause of such hysteria,” – said the expert.

It is also worth noting that the frequent violent tantrums after the age of four years can be a symptom of mental retardation that can not be corrected only with the phrase from mom and dad.

“Watch your child and set an example that words are always easier to explain than shouting,” concluded the psychologist.

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