Useful work: in Azerbaijan for social work pay money

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Maria Androsova


To work for the benefit of the city. In Azerbaijan now paid socially useful labour. However, only those who could not find another formal job. Temp jobs, select the employment service, says the correspondent of “MIR 24” Zaur Mustafayev.

To control the mower Rovshan learned in the army. When I served and returned to his native Baku, sent a resume, but job offers never came. And the money is needed, mother on drugs, she’s got diabetes.

“I have to do any work, but everywhere you turned, everywhere failure. One friend advised me to go to the employment service, and there I was immediately offered the job,” says the lawnmower man cavid Ramazanov.

This center is called “Dost”, which is translated from Azerbaijani as “Friend.” A helping hand here willing to lend to anyone who is looking for work.

“We all officially every we sign labor contract, provide insurance and Bank card, which enumerated the salary. But of course, control that the job was done”, – explains the expert of the center of employment “Dost” ACAT Guluzade.

Every day here come hundreds of applications from municipal Zhekov. In one district the janitor urgently needed, and the other a plumber looking for. Ibadet Ismailov, an engineer-technologist, conducted its business, but went bankrupt. At the employment center he was offered the job of gardener.

“I love plants, so I decided to try it. Promise to pay $ 120 per month. For the first time is enough for me, and before you know, go back of the hands,” says an unemployed Ibadet Ismailov.

Agil paint student dormitory, working on the conscience.

“Previously, work was, no. Well and money, respectively. Now everything is stable,” says painter Agil Agayev.

In the four months that there is a center “Give” that space has already received 30 thousand unemployed.

Earlier it was reported that in honour of the 96th anniversary of the birth of Heydar Aliyev in Azerbaijan, planted trees and held a rally on blood donation.