User data OnePlus was in the hands of third parties

Данные пользователей OnePlus оказались в руках у третьих сторон

On the official OnePlus forum, the company published a message, which says about the leak of customer data. The employee of technical support of the Chinese company reported that the customer database of the online store OnePlus was temporarily available to an unauthorized party.

The company claims that the payment account information and customer data are safe. However, in the wrong hands could get phone numbers, addresses, electronic mailboxes, and some other data of the customers.

“We want to inform you that some data on the orders of our customers was accessed by unauthorized party. We can confirm that all payment information, passwords and accounts are safe, but may have been stolen the names, shipping addresses and contact information of specific users. This incident could lead to the fact that some customers will start receiving spam or phishing messages,” reads the official statement of OnePlus technical support.

The company apologizes to customers for any inconvenience caused. For any questions related to the current leakage of data, it is recommended to contact the technical support of OnePlus.

The company’s employees have taken the necessary measures to stop intruders. In the future, OnePlus intends to work on improving the security of confidential user information. The company’s customers whose data could fall into the wrong hands, was notified about the incident via e-mail. Further investigation into the incident will be held in conjunction with law enforcement.

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