Users have compared the swimsuit of Glucose with the dimensionless cowards

Пользователи сравнили купальник Глюкозы с безразмерными трусами

Users have compared the Glucose-piece swimsuit with oversized shorts [photo]
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Photo: Instagram Of Glucose

Instagram say that the singer’s outfit similar to a swimsuit Borat.

Instagram users have long chastised the singer Glucose too candid photos online, but this time the actress has surprised even sophisticated fans. 32-year-old Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova has uploaded

the in a silver bikini that subscribers compared with taut shorts and bikini Borat.

– Got rid of would be quite the rag. Naked is naked. With each new picture is more exposed, and so beautiful, was beautiful before pictures.

– People actually have to look in the mirror once in a while. I did not see that it was terrible.

– Enough to be naked. I respect you, when you were modest.

Is not a swimsuit. Is the dimensionless bikini.

For some reason it reminds me of Borat in a green bathing suit.

– Panties pulled. I wonder what they think these artists? I really like this artist, but I see that they’re tripping over themselves, competing with each other.

Пользователи сравнили купальник Глюкозы с безразмерными трусами

Swimsuit Glucose impressed with Instagram.

And this is only a small portion of reviews – it seems that the user left them a few hundred. Most of them confined either to the fact that Glucose is already the mother of two daughters, or the fact that Yes, we recognize, a great figure, but a swimsuit is terribly vulgar.

Borat, which compared the Glucose – character of the same name American film of 2006. This image embodied the British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

In the film character Borat Sagdiyev Kazakhstan journalist travelling across the US, appearing in men’s swimwear – Mancini. In 2006, the film was not shown in theaters of Ukraine – the branch of Russian film companies voluntarily refused to hire. In Kazakhstan, this film was banned because of the insult to the feelings of the government.

Пользователи сравнили купальник Глюкозы с безразмерными трусами

A scene from the movie “Borat”.


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