Using the federal hurt Security Sirois

The financial assistance of the federal government night to the hiring of new employees at Security Sirois.

The president of the security company, Martin Sirois, said having to engage in “all the days”, at the microphone of the moderator Jonathan Trudeau, at QUB radio.


“Every day, we commit. We must continue to engage every day. It is a little complicated, since a week, with the announcements of the government. Last Monday, we hired 10 students. On Wednesday, they took their uniform, saying that they did not need to work,” he explained.

Mr. Scott added that he can not, of course, “force” students to come and work for him. It encounters the same problem with people who are not in school and who have access to providing canadian emergency (PKU).

“The famous$ 2000 per month also, it hurt us, somewhere. Me, I’m okay with it, they give$ 2000 to a citizen who is not able to eat. We have a new employee who returns to full-time with us, up to 40 hours per week, 2200$, 2300$, 2400$ per month, and they have$ 2000 to stay at home,” he narrated.

If the health risks can worry about future employees, Mr. Scott ensures to provide the necessary equipment for their protection. Since the beginning of the crisis, pandemic, it has four employees contaminated by the COVID-19.

“There have been four cases to date in our staff. It all went well. They have had no big symptoms, but we still had four. It is necessary to force it to edge, in this time, and find solutions with the client.”

When questioned on the issue of employment, the president of the Treasury Board canada, Jean-Yves Duclos, reminds us that this is not a good idea to refuse a job because of the benefits of government assistance.

“If there are people and students who are offered jobs, well, my recommendation is to take employment, provided, of course, that the use complies with the rules of public health that we know very well. These people have the chance and have the chance, in the longer term, to have a job. This is not the case of everybody,” he said at the microphone of Jonathan Trudeau.

“The requirements for the provision to students are also very clear. The student must, if he wishes to request the services of an emergency for the student, attest that, in spite of all his efforts, he has not been able to find a job”, he recalled.


Other citations highlights of Martin Sirois

  • “I’ve had a few small heartburn. The first two days, it has had to cancel between 4 and 5 million in business, about. Security Sirois, we are mainly specialized in special events. But by the third day, the wind was as turned edge and, there, it’s like being in the middle of July-August, in this moment. It is at the bottom of the train.”
  • “It is very different. There are times that we prefer to manage the ecstasy that some ranges of people. It’s complicated. The more the days advance, the more it is complicated, too. We feel that the people are tanned to be locked up. I believe that what happens, it is good. It does it too quickly? Perhaps, but it is very particular to manage, of a building to another or from one trade to another. This is the stock to manage.”
  • “It is always more complicated to understand for a person who is a little older and establish regulations. It is fine to explain that it is for them, and all that, these people have a purpose and a path to take, their path is set. It is complicated, but it is. There is more verbal abuse. People are impatient.”


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