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Turned off the heating in the house next door. A friend came to get warm. Put the kettle on. While the light is not dislodged. Sat down to watch a report on TV about the fire in Odessa, then something hiccupped in the faucet, and water ran out. Moreover, throughout the quarter at once. And this, incidentally, Kiev, the capital of our country. House of the Soviet period, not some medieval buildings in Europe. And all the knocks, knocks, off. In the country’s infrastructure crisis. And none of the numerous “blocks”, neither female nor male, will not remove this video. Although long overdue…

Ukraine regularly shaken by explosions and fires. Explosions that tend to occur in homes with gas pumps and military warehouses. The latter more often, causing huge material and moral losses to the state. Among the culprits is a couple of ensigns and inattentive hypothetically DRG enemy, who, crawling down the half of the country on their bellies, commit another cowardly terrorist act the same way back. The version of “all stolen before us” is not considered in principle. And who will steal artillery shells, especially of the Brezhnev era? Have snowspeeders!

Fire is different, but most often three reasons: the old wiring was jammed, because worn out; a new transaction is stuck because her pictures were laid out; and the most banal – violation of the rules of fire safety. What happened in Odessa today is most likely the first option. Do not be surprised if in a tenement building Asvadurov, built in 1914, and the wiring done in those same years.

But the fire on the night of 16 September 2017 in the camp “Victoria” is the second option. There and posting as if were new, and the repairs recently made in the budget. But the fire was monstrous, and that the fire killed the three girls from the dance team “Adele”.

It is clear that the resonance was broad. The culprits were quickly appointed. Including “the pioneer” (not used to the word “teacher” in the school camps, for me it’s a kindergarten slang – author), fire inspector, and even the Deputy mayor of Odessa.
Help? No. This summer in Odessa there was a fire, this time in a renovated mental hospital. Killed the nurse who rescued patients. Again the transaction was made askew, awry, the fire alarm was not working because its connection is not paid. Or something like that.

Well, just two months later in a doss house “Tokyo Star”, which not dare to call the hotel, located in a former tram depot, the fire, nine people were killed, 10 injured. That struck me – among the victims was a 73-year-old Australian. And among the injured were some foreigners. As they brought in is a rotten place? Exotics wanted, or what?

In the “Old Tokyo” also detained the owner and her administrator, was on duty at the hotel the night of the fire. But all were released under house arrest, because to produce them is nothing special: the fire was caused by excessive load on the power grid and the circuit wiring. Someone turned on the kettle or stove in the room carried and launched, and it supposedly closed.

However, I you we, the brownie experience I would say that close would not so, but because of a power surge. This regular expensive “fun” for residents of different cities of the country and in particular in Odessa, which is most affected by worn-out infrastructure.

Regularly across the country, a huge number of people left without TV’s, microwaves, computers, washing machines and electric boilers. Who was not lucky – without electric stoves and lighting in the house. There was a story, when in luck at the same time shorted 150 homes. Say, 400 volts in phase with the norm of 220.It is still breaking loose across the state.

Our house is also involved in it. I have a microwave not long ago were Smoking “as Dogaressa star”. The neighbor buried the TV. Grandma left the fridge now growling and convulsing 24/7. It it just in case gloves opens.

Where are the differences? Say, power plants and substations of the old equipment. Power lines are too old and unreliable. It was built in the year. Repaired at best haphazardly and was not designed for the current load.
Because when I went our industrialization and lit the lamp of Ilyich, there was no appliances, no electronics, no boilers, no radiators, no one knew the word “mining”. And at all did not suspect that one of the Soviet substation it is possible to plant a whole new neighborhood of luxury buildings. And along with the total fecal collector. Therefore, one who loves to go to the toilet in the heat, sometimes is in the midst of communal life. When the shit literally from the outhouse climbs, and to consider the horror can not be, because the lighting is off.

In this context, a very ambiguous look mantra official touts high-tech foreign investment. They say, come, we have low taxes, new economic policy in the country, democracy coming out of his ears, the rights of sexual minorities began to comply. Almost. And they’re not coming. I mean investors, not the minority. They just breed forest of rabbits.

Why not innovation hubs and factories of the future? Because every sane investor first wondered what in the country as electricity, roads, water, communications. And he once told that electricity here is better not to joke. And expensive equipment is not connected. And then will bounce once, far beyond 330 volts, and farewell to the equipment. With all the stabilizers together.

Not accidentally, the main donor of Ukraine in the modernization of infrastructure in areas EBRD is literally forced us loans thrusts and forces you to upgrade the electrical system, so it clearly worked. But something they did with us not. Or we have with them. It’s like watching.

There is still one problem there. Poorly studied. One can make a perfect system of delivery of electricity from the station or the substation to the houses, but the house starts the devils.

From a friend, for example, burned out the pump, which is in the basement and drives the heating pipes. Pump old, semi-Soviet, I would say, perestroika. Released, terrible to say, in the RSFSR. Details on it there is need to take – in the country-aggressor. And this is not comme Il faut. How to replenish the budget of the aggressor? Freeze better. They and cold. Wanted Resellers to buy who is smuggled out, not to touch directly to the aggressor. But it turned out stunning detail.
It turned out that the house draw. Divested from housing Department due to the bankruptcy of the housing Department. To create OSBB failed. Because nobody wants to take on hemorrhoids service at home. Offered to my friend. He thought and refused. Says, look books, I realized that it is necessary to raise the fee for a lift for the local area, concierges to pay more. And no one wants to fork out. Moreover, if the head OSBB – out of their own appointed. Immediately begin to creep rumors that supposedly already stealing. “I said, only the documents took a look, and they are already on my car staring – with what money bought? Not from our the stolen?”.

That is the fight against corruption has finally entered the brain of each and reached the highest point of the absurd. Now nobody do anything specifically not looking to well-worn. And even worse – not planted. So is their house without heat, and our water. Because they have no housing office and no OSBB and no one to tie details to the pump. And we have the housing office there, and the pump only works at a main pipe burst. And the water in the frozen ground is. And the pipe is changed: put a piece of new to old rusty. Just at the junction and flowed.

And live. Not boring at all. This summer – in the context of the new European model of electricity market. And with the future of the new year – a new European model of the gas market. Not to mention the fact that for almost a year we have a new model of the housing market. This is the one that provides for the widespread creation of OSBB and collective responsibility of the tenants for the state of communications in the house. So much twists, but no good: electricity is still worn by 60%.

Friend says that his meeting with grantoedskogo consultants, where he went when he thought to deal with OSBB, said, they say, needs a stimulating rate. Without it in any way. And he was trying to figure out where the 12 substations are situated on the Bank summer gave 149 million Euro loan for the reconstruction of power grids. Never found out for sure. It seems that in Odessa gave, as the most needy city in terms of the status of the mains. But looking at yesterday’s fire, somehow I doubt it…

Egor Smirnov

Коммунальный трындец

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