V. Okhrimenko: Poroshenko sold the DNR/LNR?

В.Охрименко: как Порошенко продал ДНР/ЛНР?

The majority of citizens never delve into the details of the speakers. Says something Poroshenko – no matter what he says, the main thing – said with feeling, well done. Jokes something under background music Zelensky – done, modern. Someone who is cute, the one for that and vote in the elections or in the kitchen debate.

But to understand more the intricacies of their lies help journalists and activists. For example, few people really understand what the “Minsk agreement”. Since they are now a lot of talk, let’s see what they mean. Too much speculation and Maidan.

First, two of the Minsk agreement, 2014 and 2015 years. Secondly, it was signed by Poroshenko, but Kuchma, but in strict accordance with the mandate received from Poroshenko.

Now to the point. Both the first and the second document is a Memorandum, sets of common phrases, which, in fact, not regulated by international law, are not binding for the parties. But, in conditions when at the time of their signing in the zone of conflict killed thousands of people, these agreements had perhaps more weight than the Constitution. The importance of their performance of the parties is difficult to overestimate.

And now as a document of the 2014 year, and “the Second Minsk agreement,” 2015 has bought incredible political status. Why? Poroshenko collects Maidan-7 (or Maidan-57, do not tell) with the formulation of the question – no surrender! Thus he boasted in front of each chamber signed the Minsk agreements. Clearly recorded his asset and the first and the second agreement: “It was a miracle. Nobody believed us when I went to the NATO summit that we will be able to sign and stop the Russian offensive”.

At the same time, Poroshenko bears full responsibility before the Ukrainian people during the signing of the agreement 2015 year of the two points carrying three commitments: Amnesty, the special status of Donbass, the agreement of the way to create a special status to the Donbas with the leaders of DPR and LPR. Stress – Poroshenko is responsible for this. Perhaps criminal.

He agreed, approved the agreement with this text:
– item 5: pardon and Amnesty to all the murderers in LNR/DNR (no matter which);
– paragraphs 9 and 11: Ukraine undertakes to adopt the law and amendments to the Constitution on the special status of Donbass, and to do this we must, according the texts of Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky, and other authoritative representatives of the DNR/LNR).

You know? Poroshenko ran on all TV channels, PACE, PAIR, UN screaming as he heroically performed a miracle – agreed on peace. In doing so, he created a springboard for Putin Department DNR/LNR from Ukraine. Drove the entire country to a standstill these agreements. Now brings people to the square with the slogan “no surrender.” Cynicism and lies – the basis of the policy of Poroshenko. Wholeheartedly endorse the suggestions of number of lawyers to initiate a criminal case against this scoundrel to fall apart in the interest of some external forces, on the facts of treason.

Vladimir Okhrimenko

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