V. Okhrimenko: Ryaboshapka stupid or on the payroll at Poroshenko?

В.Охрименко: Рябошапка туп или на зарплате у Порошенко?

Something wrong with this Ryaboshapka here. Some strange arrests with immediate release on bail. No results for square. Zero reaction to the lack Poroshenko during interrogations. No results of the output from functional to SBU’s work on the economy.

It seems that the promise of this seemingly beautiful, austere (in connection with Sadoveanu), but completely amoebic official part of the standard election program. A day not worked Ryaboshapka investigator, not a day has represented the state’s interests in administrative or economic disputes. How he got the post of attorney General? Than it is in this sense different from Lutsenko? Nothing. Absolutely “left” people in this structure. Not understanding processes and not able to control them.

Already two fairly public person put an ultimatum to the Attorney General. The first is the master of sports of international class in law Andriy Portnov. This lawyer-djidan Ryaboshapka here openly calls a moron and unashamedly offers Zelensky send it to NC with “farewell medal”, to not hurt it. In the absence of a tough stance on criminal cases concerning the state criminal Poroshenko. Not that tough position, and results of the work at all. If you carefully analyze the situation, then the crumbs, tears of these results is the work of the RRG, the security service and the currency pair, but not of the Prosecutor General.

The second public person was Maxim Buzhansky. Not of this magnitude, of course the figure as a tailor, but the MP, after all. He openly appealed to the Ryaboshapka here: “You Have two days to submit to the Parliament the idea of removal with Poroshenko immunity…”. Buzhansky argues that if the attorney General does not, then Poroshenko will “hide” the news about Norman meeting and public actions dedicated to it. Ryaboshapka just gave the criminal immunity. “So You officially confirm that you are playing with Poroshenko on the same team” – said the Deputy.

In connection with the above accusations against the attorney General there is a reasonable assumption that obtaining illegal financial gain by Ryaboshapka here from Poroshenko. A different way to explain his inaction impossible. Unless incredible stupidity.

What do You think?

Vladimir Okhrimenko

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