V. Okhrimenko: the third month of minus 20 billion in budget!

В.Охрименко: третий месяц по минус 20 млрд в бюджете!

The income of the Ukrainian budget is rapidly decreasing. A very strange trend, given the declared fight against corruption in the country.

After all, what is corruption? You have to pay to the budget of UAH 10. To pay You give a bribe in the amount of 5 UAH some sort of civil servant. Ie, if the eradication of corruption, the budget of the country must rapidly be filled here such 10 hryvnia. Only need to add 7-9 zeros.

We have also, with the advent Zelensky get all the way around. I have published articles stating that it is unclear what happened (did not reach the state budget) enormous sums: “When ze already stolen 20 billion UAH, that is the tempo”! and the “minus 20 billion UAH came to the budget of the country.”

Cherished the hope that is only the beginning of the new Cabinet, of errors, omissions, echoes of the old “schemes”. But no, friends, this thieving gang to take such a powerful pace that by the end of their rule not only of the Crimea with Donbass not be counted. In the current period, the Ministry of Finance decided to fool the people – they posted information not monthly income on 01.12.19. And for 11.12.19. Confused traces, I think that the person with the calculator can’t calculate the real income of the country’s budget in such a “ragged” form of statistics.

Annette, count. According to the report of the Ministry of Finance as at 11.12.19, the state budget received UAH 915 billion. This means that for November received 76 billion. I recall in November 2018, the state budget received UAH 96 billion! Again, 20 billion UAH less goes to the state budget, rather than in 2018. I translate into Russian language – the third month in a row someone steals 20 billion UAH of public money. Skillfully steals, putting his hands in the Treasury. The money does not reach up to it!

And again. I believe that Zelensky himself doesn’t know about it really. It is used blindly. Although he is 41 and he is not.

Have a good weekend.

Vladimir Okhrimenko