Vacation-Kyrgyzstan: Issyk-Kul tourists are treated to donuts and give jewelry

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Daria Shulga


Kyrgyzstan this year, it expects about two million tourists. This is 600 thousand more than in the past. The most popular destination is lake Issyk-Kul. At the same time on the South coast are not just for swimming, but in order to get acquainted with local traditions, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Daria Kim.

A quick introduction to nomadic culture is for tourists a few days instead of “Hello” say “Salam” and deftly fried boorsok. One word – perfect immersion into the local flavor. Kyrgyz donuts is the most popular tourist dish, you can cook with your own hands.

“This kind of local bread, we’re going to roast over the fire. I haven’t tried, but looks delicious,” admitted tourist from Belgium Lin.

South of Issyk-Kul is famous for its culinary master classes. Many foreign guests specially flying down for local taste. Teach it here all for free. And be sure to treat. Hungry in Kyrgyzstan, guests do not let go.

Next lesson of the Kyrgyz language. Volunteers are given basic phrases and words that tourists have it easier to communicate with local residents. 15 minutes some can already boast the first success.

“I’m glad that you hold such an occupation. We will know at least how to say “Hello”, “how are you”, “where are you”. It’s fun,” said a tourist from Germany, Christine.

Master class of plaiting of woollen threads. This technique is used for Yurt decorations and create bracelets and straps. After class each bracelet as a gift from Kyrgyz craftswomen in the memory of the hospitable country.