Vaccination campaign: a boon for Macron’s opponents, and as a foretaste of 2022

    Vaccination campaign: a boon for Macron’s opponents, and as a foretaste of 2022

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    IN CAMPAIGN ? – The president of Hauts-de-France Xavier Bertrand and the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo hold Emmanuel Macron responsible for the slowness of the vaccination campaign. They know that the 2022 presidential election is partly based on the success of the latter.

    – Justine Faure

    Is the campaign for the 2022 presidential election launched? The slowness of the vaccination campaign in France in any case gives arguments to the opposition, and more particularly to personalities presented as possible competitors to the President of the Republic to his succession. Because beyond the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, it is Emmanuel Macron who is being targeted.

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    The world begins to vaccinate against Covid-19

    “By his vaccination strategy, the president committed an extremely serious fault, he will have to explain it to the French”, estimate in The Parisian dated Tuesday, December 5, the president of the Hauts-de-France region, putative candidate for the LR nomination for 2022. “The strategy adopted inevitably leads us to failure. We must change it immediately to accelerate. The President of the Republic must tell us the truth about the number of doses of vaccine currently present in the territory and on those that we are going. receive, week after week, by region, department, health establishment “, continues the former Minister of Health of Nicolas Sarkozy.

    “We are once again victims of ‘at the same time’. The government wanted to take into account those who are against the vaccine as well as those who are in favor. Sorry, but it can’t work like this “, add the one who does not wish “not relive the same official lie as on the masks”.

    Stop hypocrisy!– Xavier Bertrand

    While the entourage of the President of the Republic made it known in The JDD that he had given a rant and criticized himself the “family walk rhythm” of the campaign started on December 27, Xavier Bertrand replies: “Stop hypocrisy! In France, everything goes through the office of this president. The vaccine strategy was established in the Defense Council, chaired by the Head of State. So the blow of anger, it’s going well! Political responsibility means that we do not pass on to others “.

    Another possible opponent of Emmanuel Macron in 2022, the socialist mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo does not take offense against the executive and wants to make it known. According to The Parisian, she instructed her first deputy Emmanuel Grégoire to distribute the blows against the Head of State. The councilor wants to make it clear that she is ready to help and take initiatives to carry out this vaccination campaign, but that she is prevented from doing so by the head of state.

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    “For months, we have worked and offered to provide vaccination places to allow a mass vaccination campaign. We have proposed that the city acquire freezers, we were told that the suppliers would not deliver to us. We also proposed the provision of municipal nursing staff to speed up the operation. Each time, we received an unfavorable opinion from the government or a non-response for the premises “, stated in The Parisian Emmanuel Grégoire.

    “It would have seemed useful to us for the town halls, the departments to be able to co-pilot the vaccination strategy with the health authorities. This was not the case. The mistakes now are enough! It is time to correct the trajectory and to work together “, he adds, while only about fifty people have been vaccinated in the capital.

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