Vaccination in France not compulsory, but … A bill sows doubt and criticism

    Vaccination in France not compulsory, but … A bill sows doubt and criticism

    It is Sunday, in principle, that the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 should begin in France.

    A bill sows doubt

    The High Authority for Health must first give its opinion on the vaccine developed by Pfiser / BioNTech, deemed to be 70% effective, which has already obtained the approval of the European Medicines Agency.

    This vaccination campaign will primarily target the elderly in nursing homes and hospitals then to people at risk before spreading by the end of spring to the entire population.

    It will not be mandatory to be vaccinated, insisted French President Emmanuel Macron, but a text presented on Monday in the Council of Ministers has sown doubt. This is the bill establishing a sustainable health emergency management regime. One of the articles in the text is controversial. He predicts that “the Prime Minister can, if necessary (…) make the movements of people, their access to means of transport or to certain places, as well as the exercise of certain activities, subject to the presentation of the results of a screening test establishing that the person is not affected or contaminated, following a preventive treatment, including the administration of a vaccine, or a curative treatment“.

    Opposition criticisms

    This article made the right-wing opposition MPs jump, seeing it as a roundabout way of forcing the French to be vaccinated. For Marine Le Pen, the president of the National Rally “There can be no such thing as second-class citizenship for unvaccinated individuals. It is deeply deleterious and __liberticide“she wrote on Twitter

    “A health dictatorship”

    Guillaume Peltier, of the Republicans party, directly calls out to Emmanuel Macron: “I naively believed that in our homeland, respect for freedoms is the rule and its restrictions, the exception“he writes.

    Finally, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, of the Debout la France party, denounces a “health dictatorship“. “The executive takes advantage of the end of year celebrations to attack the individual freedoms of the French.

    Reacting to criticism, Minister of Health Olivier Véran stressed that this text was intended to “put measures in common law” for “protect populations“and that he could relate as well”this pandemic than any other major health event“.

    The French vaccino-skeptics

    According to a recent survey, the French are among the most skeptical in Europe vis-à-vis the vaccine: one in two would agree to be vaccinated. Many have doubts about the lack of perspective and the effectiveness of this vaccine and also fears about possible adverse effects.

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