EPIDEMIC In the Senate, where the majority is held by the Republicans, no compromise had been found on the text

Vaccine pass: The project resumed at the Assembly, towards an application for those over 16 years old only

For 12-15 year olds, it will be necessary to continue to show a health pass. — Mourad ALLILI/SIPA

After Thursday’s resounding failure of a compromise with the Senate, the National Assembly re-entered on Friday afternoon the bill establishing the vaccination pass, with the prospect that that -this only applies to those over 16 years old. “We don’t have time anymore” facing the epidemic, has pressed to the rostrum the government spokesman Gabriel Attal, in place of the Minister of Health; Olivier Véran, himself affected by Covid-19.

Gabriel Attal defended “a text of democratic consensus and firmness; in the face of the virus,” with the next vaccination pass, “maximum incentive” assumed at the vaccination. Some 450 amendments are under discussion, with the opposition not ready to vote. give up their arms, to like the elected LFI who unsuccessfully defended a prior motion of rejection against a text of “constraint”. The deputies will floor until late Friday on a version of the bill close to the one passed last week at first reading, but with certain modifications, sometimes inspired by the examination in the Dominated Senate. by the right.

The limit set at 16 years old

Thus, the presentation of a vaccination pass should be limited to people over the age of 16, for access to leisure activities, restaurants and bars, fairs or public transport. regional. Minors from 12 & 15 years would remain as for them subject to; the obligation to present the current health pass, that is to say that they could go to a restaurant for example by producing the negative result of a simple screening test.< /p>

In addition, identity verification of the holder of a pass by cafeterias or restaurateurs can be made on the basis of an “official document containing his/her photograph”. The deputies have also planned to reduce by half the the amount of the administrative fine per employee, for companies that do not play the telework game. The Senate will consider the bill again on Saturday, then the National Assembly will probably have the last word on Sunday, for its final adoption, we learned from a parliamentary source.

LR Accused ; to wreak havoc on the countryside

While an agreement on this text seemed close on Thursday afternoon, the mixed committee of deputies and senators ended in failure, after a tweet from the boss of the senates. ;nators LR Bruno Retailleau. He proclaimed a “victory of common sense” of his own, which made the majority jump, in the name of respect for the functioning of Parliament. “We never preempt the outcome of a debate”, reacted Friday the president LREM of the institution Richard Ferrand.

«  When a joint committee is successful, it’s a success for both assemblies. I know that President Larcher shares this conviction,” twice the President LR of the Senate online. “It’s been a mess for ten days. Everyone is somewhat responsible for this, but the Republicans have a major role in this situation,” the leader of MoDem deputies Patrick Mignola in front of the press. “We are here! to lay down the law and not just campaign” presidential election, he slipped.