Vaccination passport: for Bayrou, it is “the natural meaning of things”

    Vaccination passport: for Bayrou, it is “the natural meaning of things”

    DEBATE – Faced with the controversy, the government backed down on the bill opening up the possibility of setting up a vaccination passport. The High Commissioner for Planning, for his part, said he was in favor of LCI to “find life as normal as possible”.

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    What to revive the controversy? François Bayrou, president of the MoDem and High Commissioner for Planning, said he was in favor on Sunday of the idea of ​​a health passport, which would condition the access of certain places to vaccination against Covid-19.

    Faced with the outcry over the bill opening up the possibility of making travel and activities conditional on vaccination, the government postponed “several months” tabling of the text in parliament. But for François Bayrou, interviewed on LCI on Sunday, “one can quite imagine that, that in a way the fact of being subjected to the vaccination opens doors which until then were closed”.

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    It is “the natural sense of things”, he said, defending “all the efforts that can be made” for “to find life as normal as possible”, from the moment that“will have been verified that, one, the vaccine is effective, two, that it is safe”.

    “We only have hope for the vaccine”

    “To go in this direction today, we only have the hope of the vaccine”, he stressed, on the first day of the vaccination campaign in France and Europe.

    As for the many French people who are skeptical about the vaccine, Mr Bayrou said that“once we have checked” that it is “without risk” – what “will be done in a few days or a few weeks”“then the demand for vaccines will increase a lot and we will reach massive figures which will make it possible to defeat the epidemic”.

    If the government has denied any attempt to create a “Sanitary state”, the National Rally and the right have seen in recent days in the bill the risk of a possible restriction on freedom of movement.

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    In its article 3131-9, in the 6th paragraph, the text which should not be presented to Parliament “for several months”, according to Olivier Véran, provides that “the Prime Minister can, if necessary (…) make the movements of people, their access to means of transport or to certain places, as well as the exercise of certain activities subject to the presentation of the results of a screening test establishing that the person is not affected or contaminated, following a preventive treatment, including the administration of a vaccine, or a curative treatment “.

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