Vaccination: the government called on a private consulting firm

    Vaccination: the government called on a private consulting firm

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    The affair could cause a stir. The government, according to information from Canard Enchaîné and Politico, called on the private firm McKinsey and Company to develop and implement the vaccine strategy but also the logistics for the transport of the doses.

    “This cabinet is attached to the vaccination task force of the Ministry of Health, and collaborates on strategy and logistics. But it is not they who develop the strategy alone, ”said a source from the Ministry of Health without giving the details of the mission, nor the remuneration of this cabinet. According to Le Canard Enchaîné and Politico, the government called on the cabinet in December.

    According to the same source, this is not the first time since the start of the health crisis that the ministry has called on a private company to support it. Without saying the name of the company, it had intervened within the framework of “a logistics center” which was notably responsible for “the delivery of gloves, gowns” at the start of the health crisis.

    “The scandal continues”

    Regarding vaccination, the criticisms are about the slowness of its implementation.

    The use of a private cabinet allows the opposition to redouble its criticisms. “This signifies a disqualification of the agents of the State who are in charge of it (of the vaccine strategy, editor’s note). This shows that so far nothing was planned and it is alarming, ”said the first secretary of the PS, Olivier Faure, on Twitter.

    “The state scandal continues on vaccination and the revelations of the Chained Duck complete the extremely serious diagnosis of a power adrift in the management of the pandemic! “, Also judged on Twitter, the MEP EELV Yannick Jadot by asking” the complete transparency on the contracts concluded, the nature and the reality of the services provided by McKinsey to the government. “

    On the right, the president of Debout la France Nicolas Dupont-Aignan was offended that “the vaccination strategy (is) entrusted to an American consulting firm. “

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