vaccinations are linked at the exhibition center in Freiburg, Germany

    vaccinations are linked at the exhibition center in Freiburg, Germany

    A few kilometers from Alsace, in Germany, the vaccination campaign has been launched in the major centers. In Friborg, at the exhibition center, the over 80 and caregivers can be vaccinated.

    They are also more than 2.000 to have undergone a first injection since the opening of the premises on December 27. More than a hundred people, doctors and nurses work at this vaccination center in Friborg

    Millimeter organization

    In this large space of 6,000 square meters, everything is done so that no one crosses paths. The route is signposted and it is the over 80s and caregivers who go for vaccination.

    Upon arrival: it is temperature measurement and verification of invitations. There is also a small interview, to check that there will be no possible complications with the vaccine.

    Maintenance before vaccination © Radio France
    – Guillaume Chhum

    “We ask questions to find out if the person has the Covid or if they have been in contact with the Covid and after, we have the right to return”, explains Franck Uekermann, responsible for logistics.

    Vaccine prepared on site

    The vaccines are prepared on site, before the injection. The total duration lasts about thirty minutes, from the entrance to the exhibition center, until the exit and vaccination. Once the vaccine has been injected, people are invited to wait for about 15 minutes in a large room, to find out if side effects develop.

    vaccinations are linked at the exhibition center in Freiburg, Germany

    The vaccine doses are prepared on site © Radio France
    – Guillaume Chhum

    “I got vaccinated for safety, so as not to be sick. Now I feel safer,” explains this octogenarian. Officials of the vaccination center at the Friborg exhibition center explain be able to vaccinate more than 2,000 people per day.

    “An example for France”, for Colmar deputy Yves Hemedinger

    For the deputy for Colmar, Yves Hemedinger: “In France, we have a very heavy bureaucracy with the Ars. Here in Germany, vaccinations are made on the initiative of the municipalities and it works much better. We vaccinate here in Friborg, much more than in the whole of France for the moment, it’s amazing, “ comments the elected Colmarien who made the trip this Monday in Germany.

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