Vakrita a contest for top-of plant dersleri Ukraine

Відкрито конкурс на топ-посади держслужби України

The only web portal organs wykonawca Vlady Ukrainy powders scho triva vgcreate competition for plant derzhavna service categor A – data currently dostupn 5 vacancies – Pereda PC.

Middle segalini vimoh to candidat – NavNet visa osti by level mistra ABO wise, Volodina ukraïnskoyu NEZEMNOY movami, Dowd cervna of work on the tenements.

Candidate skladate a number tests for nastepnie napryamki: Nosema MOV, analtics sdet, verbalise chislova millennia, knowledge of the legislature. Nastupni stage – pubed.

Winner of the contest vinacasa with the recommendations of the Commission of pitane vidago body derzhavna service.

To words on skin Etap ugboro to stesnyaetsya vdeos zadlya maksimalno protract contest.

Z knaven termname podac documents 1 fall 2019 rock otkrit vacant on TAC plant: Head Ukrayinsky institutu national pam at Head Derzhavna service s etnopolicy the freedom cost; Reigning Secretary Minsterstvo culture, mold the sport; Head Derzhavno auditorsko service; the Head of the Sovereign Agency of pitane kno.

In total, Uryadov Golosov 20 vacancies on Kerwin plant. Data currently in the application on the fate of nadkami 200 pretendentu.

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