Valentine’s day, a love affair… and money

La Saint-Valentin, une affaire d’amour... et d’argent

On the 14th of February, this is not an ordinary day ! Ah not !

It is the breath of fresh air restaurants who eat their bottom in the middle of winter.

It is the oasis of the chocolate shops and florists, which will allow them to hold up to Easter and Mother’s day.

This is the time of year when even the guardians do their best business.

Today is Valentine’s day, the celebration of love… and advertising !

(Forgive me those to 5-cennes that I will be worth a dry-imposed by my loved one.)

A commercial celebration

That sums up my perception of Valentine’s day. Each year, I’m struggling with the same dilemma. Respect my principles, ignoring it, or surprise my sweet highlighting the official day of lovers.

The commercial nature of Valentine’s day, I had always put off, much more than Christmas, a feast to which cling the memories of childhood and which is still today one of the major occasions of family gatherings.

Valentine’s day gives me the impression of an old party obscure that it was a day out of mothballs for the explicit purpose of giving the air to the traders.

I contribute throughout the year to the financial health of retailers and restaurants. After all, the feelings that one feels for their spouse should they not express themselves at any time of the year ?

It seems to me easier (and less agreed) to surprise his lover or his lover on another box on the calendar.

Money matters

A good idea to celebrate Valentine’s day on February 15 ?

Most often, the couples emphasize the Valentine’s day with a meal in a good restaurant. On 14 February, the restaurants are filled with couples. They often impose a menu of fact, sometimes more expensive. That evening, there really is a shortage of babysitters. In referring to the 15, the choice of restaurants, menus and guardians of children is more extensive and less expensive.

Who pays the restaurant bill ?

Traditionally, it is the man, but can we still discuss the traditions of romantic relationships ? If one wants to afford the luxury, it is the richer spouse pays, or both share the bill. Let’s be modern.

How much to spend ?

The question is broad, the answer depends on the means. The important thing is that the initiative out of the ordinary. We can very well achieve these goals in the privacy in your own home. After all, it is the celebration of love.

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