Valentine’s day is not just the responsibility of men

It would be immediately clear about something. I’m not a fan of Valentine’s day. I find that it is a commercial celebration where you are putting far too much pressure and that it does not bring anything except disappointment.

But there is a case that falls more on the big nerve that the feast in question. This is all the girls who do a kind of competition to see the boyfriend which is the finest and has hosted the evening more romantic. I have nothing against parties, two or declarations of love inflamed in places the original, except that I get a little bit of this imperative that is imposed year after year to the men of our lives.

I know, there are girls who organize wonderful Valentine’s day with their better half. Except that you have to admit that the feast is based the majority of the time on the shoulders of men. It has expectations, ladies: be invited to the restaurant, receiving flowers at the office, get a massage across the body in a room lit with candles. Good, you’re going to tell me that this is the only social sphere where the pressure is greater emphasis on our fellow-men. It is true, but it is all the same unfair.

I do a little aside, but there’s also all this pressure to have a satisfying sexual relationship that night. This is because mr has not organized all of this for NOT having her nanane. I don’t know about you, but for me, just feel that there is some form of obligation to copulate pis to like it, I disbanded a bit. I do not find that the magic, the sensuality and the eroticism, it has to be planned as that. And the fact of having to sleep with a guy as he had paid for the dinner at the restaurant leaves me a lot of ice.

Back to regular programming. Valentine’s day is not just the responsibility of men, and I sincerely believe that we should announce clearly our colours with regard to this feast in order to practice good management of expectations. Like that, nobody’s going to be disappointed and the evening at the St-Hubert will not end in trial of the time he has done this or has not done this.

Me, I say Valentine’s day should be a shared responsibility. Come on, girls, is a little force.

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