Valentine’s day! What not to do in this holiday

Valentine’s day is a celebration of love and tenderness.

День святого Валентина! Що не варто робити в це свято

This day to give your loved and dear people flowers, candy and trinkets, reports Rus.Media.

An essential attribute of the holiday – “Valentine” – a small card with a Declaration of love. Valentines, tend to make the heart shape and different cute characters.

Also in this day to confess your love or sympathy to those who were not able to say it at another time. Lovers often choose this date for the engagement or wedding.

In addition to Valentines on this day to ply the second halves of candy in the shape of hearts, to go on romantic walks and have fun in cafes, cinema and restaurants. Of course, no girl would refuse a bouquet of flowers. The main thing to remember is that none of your loved ones should not be kept this day without attention.

What not to do on Valentine’s Day and the day before

1. First of all, it is impossible at this day to be insensitive and rude. Even if you have no second half, this day is a wonderful occasion to say “I love you” relatives and friends.

2. Not worth it to radically experiment with the looks to surprise a loved one. It is better to change the image for a few weeks, in the event of the failure to have time for maneuver: for example, bleach your hair to grow, to change the haircut.

3. Not to wear in the new shoes that just might spoil all the impression of a holiday.

4. It is not necessary to indulge in experiments in bed. The statistics show that February 14, Valentine’s Day in clinics often fall for the poor guy who wanted to please his favorite, but he was in a hospital bed.

5. Don’t drink alcohol. There were stories

6. It is not necessary to resort to casual sex.

7. It is not necessary to give gifts that will disturb your mate.

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