Valerie Roberts made a valuable

Valérie Roberts fait œuvre utile

Because his schedule is greatly released due to the crisis of the sars coronavirus, the facilitator Valerie Roberts took the opportunity to give a helping hand to her husband, the chef and restaurateur Martin Juneau.

“I help with the children and with the deliveries of the [restaurant] Pastaga,” she said. I do volunteer work with my car. I’m doing the tour of Montreal and the surrounding areas. It keeps me busy and I help my boyfriend, so it makes me happy. “

Who knows, this generosity may have been prompted by the issuance of Émilie Perreault, Do useful work, one of his recent favorites of television.

“I have enjoyed watching this documentary series in this particular period,” she said. It clearly explains a concept that really applies with what is currently taking place. When one is going through difficult times, art can allow us to hang on. Maybe a song, a book, a series we can do good, when one is isolated at home. “

“I think a lot of people who are suffering of loneliness… – The-art may perhaps enable them to recognize and cling to. It’s going to go well. “

Incredible Contagion

On the cinema front, Valerie has taken advantage of the containment in order to watch a new movie… Contagion. “It may seem strange to have watched it ! she admits. But it is absolutely amazing to see how it can represent what we are living [with the pandemic]. The disease is much more virulent and violent in the film. But it is a great work of Steven Soderbergh. ”

“Otherwise, we rented a Bombshellon the history of Megyn Kelly and the other women who have been victims of sexual assault by Roger Ailes. It is a good movie ! “

Musically, the facilitator mentions listening in loop the new drive from Louis-Jean Cormier, When night falls. “It is well written, the melodies remain in your head, it is really, really interesting ! It’s nice to find Louis-Jean with new hardware. This is my favorite, and let’s say that I have the time of mass at this time to listen to it non-stop (laughs) ! “

The suggestions of Valerie

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  • Contagion
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