Validation grants: the inspectors will go door-to-study “style of life”

In the near future when the Ministry of social policy may be created by the new Agency, which will verify grantees .

Перевірка субсидій: інспектори підуть по квартирах і вивчать "стиль життя"

The social inspectors will go and will study the “lifestyle” of applicants for public assistance, reports Rus.Media.

How to work the new rules?

Who and when will test?

Last week the government approved a draft law which may create a new Agency – the social inspection, which will verify the financial situation of applicants for grants. Until that date the Agency selected January 1, 2018, but it will begin no earlier than January 2019, when inspectors will start checking subsidies. And in a year with checks coming to seniors.

The government say that the rights and duties of the inspector will now be enshrined in law, and they will get more powers. For example, the bill gives these officials free access to databases and registers, which can be information about an applicant for a grant.

They will also be able to visit the recipients place of residence to determine the validity of the data about the extent to which people in need of assistance, and the possibility of finding additional sources for the existence of that affect the eligibility of social assistance and its dimensions”.

Also officials are increasingly heard the phrase “life style” of the recipient of subsidies. That is something that cannot be verified through electronic systems will be checked through visits of the social inspector.

What to look for?

Experts say that the government wants to monitor two types of financial flows of applicants and recipients of subsidies – revenues and expenses. This will use new methods of tracking expenses.

– Conducts verification of the Ministry of Finance, and its results, it makes recommendations to Ministry of labor to check the legality of the appointment of a particular social benefits to a particular person, explained the procedure lawyer Andrew Wigierski. – The Ministry of Finance may require from banks information about account transactions and accounts with the person. However, to share such information with Mnaam there is no legal basis – it’s the Bank secrecy, the Finance Ministry may use it in aggregate form, for example, indicating that the account has amounts that are not specified in the questionnaire.

For its part, certain property can monitor and Ministry of social policy, continues the lawyer. For example, to obtain information from the registers in response to your request was conducted by a person of the registration steps, issued on his property, land, car, when the registration was conducted, etc will help you understand man has done heavy expenses in excess of 50 thousand UAH. or not. Another option is a request to the tax on income and expense transactions for the sum over 50 thousand However, believes Wigierski while the Ministry did not before, because such tests require a lot of time and ingenuity.

Перевірка субсидій: інспектори підуть по квартирах і вивчать "стиль життя"

Will explore family ties and to look for relatives abroad?

As the lawyers say, among the most significant violations, which are not seen, but will affect the amount of the benefit is the informal employment of family members or work abroad, incomplete official income when real wages are higher than the official, there is undeclared income in the informal sector and residence of people in unregistered civil marriage.

– Imagine a situation in which a man and a woman live together, have a joint household, they have a child, but they do not register the marriage officially, – said the lawyer Tatyana Bondarenko. – In this case, this woman now easily formalize the status of a single mother and gets help from the state. The second option – the person was not officially open, and he went to Poland or Russia to work. Of course, these revenues do not appear anywhere. I would not be surprised if the social inspector will check not only the financial situation of the recipients of subsidies, but will also interview neighbors to learn who lives, whether they have children, did not go someone from the family to work, etc.

Although, recognizes a lawyer, the situation can be ambiguous, even from the point of view of the law.

– Imagine two situations where in the apartment of an adult, the child went abroad to study or to work, – says the lawyer. – Inspector has to investigate the family gets additional income from abroad or not.

Another type of income which the authorities have long wanted to take control, but I don’t know how is money from the lease of property. For anybody not a secret that most apartments in the big cities it seems without declaring this income.

– After the adoption of this law, the inspector can open the real estate registry and see how many apartments are in the ownership of a family, – said the lawyer. For example, one apartment is the husband and second wife. If one’s parents live, and the other children, it is not a reason to refuse the grant, but if one of them rent to tenants that will become clear in the course of the visit of the inspector, then the subsidy will be denied on legal grounds.

Can look in the fridge?

Finally, most questions are concerned with the wording – check “style of life” of the applicant for the subsidy. If you remember the same citizen Koreiko from the novel “the Golden calf”, he managed to hide his condition from all but penetrating Ostap Bender. Will the applicant for the subsidy to hide their real incomes during the visit of the inspector is unknown.

Can the inspector to look in the cupboard to check what is there hanging clothes, or to ask about the contents of the fridge? Lawyers say that it is not a search and you should decide what to show to visitors, and what isn’t.

– Survey of property-housing conditions carried out with the consent of the applicant, – said the lawyer Andrei Wigierski. – And this is crucial, because if a man is ashamed to show the mess in the closet, that is his right, and the inspector cannot climb there myself. It’s not a forced search. But in theory you can ask permission to look in the cupboard or refrigerator.

Is there a way to bypass the limitation of 50 thousand?

One of the main reasons for the decrease in the maximum amount of non-cash payments up to 50 thousand hryvnia experts call just an attempt by the government to track the expenditures of citizens of more than 50 thousand hryvnia, which closed their access to state aid. But now, the sellers have come up with various ways of avoiding clearing is buying on credit and installment, purchase on multiple receipts, etc. it Turns out that at the unwillingness of the buyer to glow, you can actually track only the purchase of apartments and cars?

– This question is not in the plane of verification and not in the plane of the Ministry of labor, – said the lawyer. – In order that the buyer avoided any of the described ways, he needs to meet a seller who, in turn, is a business entity. And since it is currently allows, then the tax does not properly perform the function of control, administration and discipline. Anyway, all this time, because one day the psychology of citizens, entrepreneurs, law enforcement officers and officials not to change.

Besides, by and large, said the lawyer, tax is able to track the payment and see what the person pays, say, 10 days for 49 999 UAH. for the same product.

The installment plan? In this case, during inspection of a business entity of GFS has to ask: is there a corresponding contract with the client? To customer also have a question: comrade, where did you get 499 990 UAH. that paid for 10 days? From my grandmother? Look at the Declaration of the grandmother. It is clear that she could sell the cow. Save for 60-70 years, etc. And here we return to the question of the zero Declaration, without which all of these actions make little sense.

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