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If users have a bad image of the bus drivers, it is because of the problems arising from the duration of the journey and of the delays, according to Renato Carlone, the president of CUPE 1983.

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This fall is marked by the campaign for the valorisation of the employees of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), which was deployed by the Union of bus drivers, operators of underground and related services (CA-OM-SC). The goal : get closer to users.

“Hi ! It looks like it is the same world. “With these words, the CA-OM-SC, an affiliate of the canadian Union of public employees (CUPE-1983), wishes to show the true face of the employees of the STM. “We want to try to explain to clients that we are not different from them, that it is not we who make the assignments and the hours of passages […] that we live in a little frustration if there is a lack of time or buses,” explains Renato Carlone, the president of CUPE 1983. The one who is a bus driver for 28 years, believes that the image of their profession is too often negative in the eyes of the public. “Sometimes people think that the driver is someone who cares a little of his customer base “, he laments, ensuring, however, that it is, however, quite the opposite.


The idea of this campaign in two phases — first, with postings, and on Facebook — is to remember that the 4,500 members of the Union are individuals like any other. “We want to undo the negative image that sticks to the skin of the drivers due to bad decisions made by others “, develops M. Carlone. For this reason, they have chosen not to use slogans aggressive, but to ” ring a bell positive in there “. In making a social media campaign, the Union seeks the return of the public. “It’s nice to read sentences to the left and to the right, comments of the users who thanked the drivers,” says-t it. On the page Facebook of the Union, each week a new picture of a member is published, with a few words, written by the protagonist himself. Currently, the photo of Sambo, the bus driver appears on the page, accompanied by the phrase ” I love my job because I contribute to the environment and the economy of tomorrow “.


Journeys unrealistic


If users have a bad image of the bus drivers, it is also because of the problems arising from the duration of the journey and of the delays, according to Mr. Carlone. “It is impossible to satisfy customers if we do not have the adequate time to do our trip, lance-t-il. On the island of Montreal, the STM, today it is impossible, because there are not enough resources to deliver the service that users deserve. “The president of the Union said that each bus driver has the same dilemma on a daily basis : to be late and face the dissatisfaction of the users, or risk a contravention of exceeding the speed limits. “It is doubly frustrating, it is stressful for the bus driver “, he adds.


The Union note that the years go by and the claims remain the same. “There has also been tightening the budget in recent years, the STM cut bus service,” said Mr. Carlone, adding that even some Planibus have not even been updated. The Union guarantees to continue to send the message to the STM publicly, not to disparage their employer, but ” to raise the flag, say that there is a potential danger “.


Daily insults


“When we get to a bus stop, as we know very well that we are late, we can see on the faces of the users before you even open the door you will be greeted by a negative comment,” he said Carlone. And so they [the users], they live in frustration as they pay for the service. “He says that the remarks, the insults, or even sometimes the sputum are the daily lot of the bus drivers, who work at the front.


The other problem, according to the president of the Union, is that users do not give as very little as a result of their complaint. “Once they have said what they thought the driver, they will sit down and it is finished, they do not make a complaint to the MCS, he noted. And the next morning, the bus driver is going to put another shirt on the back and is going to experience the same thing. “


For him, the solution is indicated : it is necessary to add the service. It welcomes the announcement of campaign of the new mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plant, which has promised to add 300 buses in the whole of the island. “This will give the possibility to be more at the time and that life could be beautiful for all the world, he commented. If we have more time on the lines, there will be less stress, less complaints, more satisfied customers, and can even be that more people would take public transport. “


The essential role of the money-changers


In addition, the Union would also like to acknowledge the presence of major changers at the entrance of subway stations. “We are assured of the commitment of the STM that there will always be a changer in every metro station, announces Mr. Carlone. To sell tickets, but also and especially to ensure the safety of all and the smooth functioning of the metro. “According to him, it is primarily the human aspect which is very important for the users. A changer must be present at all times in all stations. “It is not true that a machine will secure the population “, lance-t-il, when he is interviewed on the automata.


Less visible than a bus driver, the changer often has a number of tasks that the public knows little. “The only way that the role of the changer is known, that is if they are taken off. I think at this point, the users raise the flag in a panic, said Mr. Carlone. To 22 h or 23 h, a single person does not feel necessarily safe without the human presence. “In addition, in some stations, the duties of the money-changers have been modified and now they are being called out more regularly to their lodge.

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