Van de Sfroos returns with “Maader folk” seven years after his last studio album

Van de Sfroos returns with “Maader folk” seven years after his last studio album

Van de Sfroos returns with “Maader folk” seven years after his last studio album

Van de Sfroos returns with “Maader folk” seven years after his last studio album

photo by Fabrizio Cestari

MILAN – She is a consoling, benevolent mother. Entered into the dreams of DAVIDE VAN DE SFROOS to remind him of the folk origin of his world and to suggest the title of the new album: from Friday 17 September “Maader folk”Extends his embrace to everyone, sanctioning the return of the Lombard singer-songwriter to the musical scene seven years after his last studio work.

The artist talked about it yesterday at a press conference, explaining that the title of this album was suggested to him by a dream made in the period in which he had contracted Covid: “I dreamed of this woman who for me represented folk, the folk mother, and from there I realized that I had to keep making this kind of music. When I got Covid I had a fever that rose to 38 in the evening. At that time there was the Sanremo festival, which I was watching on TV, and at a certain point I saw someone dressed in feathers come out … then I realized it was Achille Lauro! Ah, I said to myself, then it wasn’t me who was on a psychedelic trip! ”.

The anatomy of restlessness, the importance of “Press the reverse button to review the tape a bit”, that maybe “Only a few brave” I am able to do. All this, and much more, is behind the making of this new cd: “In Maader Folk’s gaze there are surreal and symbolic images that embrace people and their places, their land. In this record there is also the impetus towards hope and the desire to breathe for a new journey that does not forget the past “. But how much autobiographical is there in your songs? “There is 102%”, precisa Van de Sfroos.

It deserves a special mention OH LORD, GO GIO, in which the voices of VAN DE SFROOS and Zucchero blend until they merge into a heartfelt request for protection from those who watch over us from up there: “I met Zucchero because years ago I had the opportunity to duet with his daughter Irene. When we asked him to record this song he, in a tender, almost childish way, asked us if we could wait for him because at that moment he was at work with Sting ”. The meaning of the piece, embellished by Taketo’s sound alchemies, is exemplified in the video presented as part of the 78th Venice International Film Festival: an unprecedented wide-angle on the newspaper of the intellectual Mauro Corona, a story in music of the purest dimension of the dialogue between man, the divine and the world.

As for the current live situation, with concerts taking place under many limitations, the artist has no doubts: “There is no price for the contact. To have a thousand people under a stage! The barrier and the microphone would like to meet and interface again. In the meantime, I am preparing to meet the fans in a series of instore events around Italy “.

The 15 tracks of the album will in fact be presented live by DAVIDE VAN DE SFROOS to share with the fans the genesis and the stories of this new recording project:

17/9: What c / o Villa del Grumello

18/9: Lecco c / o Orsa Maggiore (by Discoshop)

21/9: Milano c / o Feltrinelli Gae Aulenti

22/9: Varese c / o Varese Dischi

24/9: Torino c / o Spazio Comala (edited by Feltrinelli)

27/9: Roma c / o Galleria Alberto Sordi (curated by Feltrinelli)

28/9: Bologna c / o Feltrinelli in piazza Ravegnana

29/9: Verona c / o Mura Festival Bastione di San Bernardino (curated by Feltrinelli)