Var: It plays the number of the temp agency and earns 6 million euros in the loto

A player checking a grid of the Lotto. — JDD/Sipa

A job seeker has won 6 million euros in the Lottery last September 23, we learn
Var-Matin. He has validated his ballot 2.20 euros in a repository of press of the commune of Luc, in the
Var. The man had to register in a temp agency when he came to play their grids in the usual manner.

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Phone numbers

Upon receipt of an SMS from her advisor to confirm receipt of his RESUME, he decides to play the telephone numbers corresponding to the SMS received. And it adds the day of the birth of his child for the lucky number. An initiative that has helped him win 6 million euros. According to the French games, he will invest in real estate and enjoy life. The story does not say if it is unregistered from the temping agency.

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