Vasilisa Volodin gave a General forecast for the week 26 March to 1 April

Василиса Володина дала общий прогноз на неделю с 26 марта по 1 апреля

Forecasts Vasilisa Volodya always sufficiently precise and optimistic. Even if the horoscope portends the difficulties that Vasilisa will advise you on how best to avoid trouble, or at least soften the blow of fate.

Volodin always knows what to focus and what kind of situation it is best to let things slide.

Listening to her advice it’s easy to Dodge setbacks and try to catch a wave of good events.

Volodin knows all the nuances. All who turned to her for help, were satisfied.

Of course the location of the stars and planets affects each Zodiac sign differently, but acquainted at least with the General trends can adjust their plans for the near future in order to reduce the problems to a minimum. Listening to the horoscope, you have all chances to avoid trouble.

In the coming week the astrologer advises all the signs of the Zodiac, without exception, not to forget that spring is a time of change.

But that all went smoothly, you should be able to maintain your inner balance with the surrounding world.

In the period from 26 March to first of April many will be able to feel the influence of Mars and Saturn, which came into confrontation with the Sun.

You should pay special attention this week to each of us Vasilisa Volodin will discuss in this video.


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