Vasilisa Volodina gave astrological advice for the seven-day period from 19 to 25 March

Василиса Володина дала астрологические советы на семидневный период с 19 по 25 марта

Vasilisa Volodina one of the most popular Astro. Her advice is always very relevant and help to put everything in life in its place. Most of her predictions are very accurate and carry a note of optimism, and if there are any warnings, Vasilisa Volodin will tell you how to avoid trouble.

This week is special because March 20 we are waiting for the day of the vernal equinox. During this period the Sun moves into Aries and begins a new astrological year.

Therefore, these seven days will be special. Because stars and planets have in store for us many surprises.

In General, the week will be quite stable. March 23, its retrograde motion will begin mercury and it ends only in mid-April. So do not be surprised of some decrease of activity during this period. You may also experience some difficulties, troubles and confusions in the business.

The position of the planets pushing us to the fact that it is time to shake off winter hibernation finally and to finally meet the spring in his soul. After all, this week will be a week of opportunities that will open before each new perspective. Therefore it is very important not to miss your chance.

If you tune in, you will be able to reach unprecedented success, despite the tricks of mercury retrograde, which will try to hinder your plans.

More detailed tips for a week Vasilisa Volodin will give in this video. Her tips will help you to prioritize:

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