Vcen called Vik, in yakomu often Vinica cancer

Вчені назвали вік, в якому найчастіше виникає рак

Naukowcy vjnetcast scho naybilsh criticsim VCOM , 60 years, seredniy Vik 64 becoming rocky.

Same Tsey period women naybilsh nasahist that often to be diagnosed with cancer of the Breasts. In the same hour, Coloni also in this WC toil pdist riziki sahwari, lcar viyavlyayut cancer pdsolve salasi.

At the same hour, yea pawn ViDi onkologiczna zakhvoryuvan, that troch “moods” that I viyavlyayut vzhe 55 years. Mova yde about cancer pechenki.

Professionals vjnetcast scho Tsey Vik obnovlenii of our parchovymi spichkami I not only. Same for Tsey period organsm nukopijuoti scales recovery, that I provocate rozvytok onkologiczna zakhvoryuvan.

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