Velvet skin: matting leather is back in trend

With a matte face can afford and glitter on the eyelids and bright lipstick, and shimmering smoky.

Velvet skin: матування шкіри знову в тренді

Perfectly smooth, velvety skin was a trend in 2013, long before all obsessed with Asian trend glass skin, and keturunan face. Then the standard of beauty was considered a matte leather, which was the best Foundation for any experiments with beauty images. With a matte face can afford and glitter on the eyelids and bright lipstick, and shimmering smoky. It is thanks to this universal velvet leather is back in trend (though strong to forget previously below will tell why), informs Rus.Media.

But what is the matting of the skin? Easy to use powder? No, create a matte finish which would have looked to avoid the mask effect, that all seemed like on the face are not makeup – is an art. Today the powder is no longer the default step. It can replace the products for care and decorative cosmetics.

How to make your skin matte

When the correct sequence of applying matte makeup face can look as natural as the Korean trend to the “glass skin”.

The main step in creating a matte leather – preparing the face for makeup. To make it look more natural, the concealer should just blend with the skin. It’s important to moisturize it. If your goal is a silky finish, use cream-gels based on oil-free and non-greasy cream moisturizer or oil. It is advisable to look for tools that help to control the sebaceous glands. Perfect serum, but to moisten them a little, so the top makeup artists recommend to apply a moisturising lotion or cream marked “Oil-free” – so the makeup will look better and will last longer. When the skin is sufficiently hydrated, the sebaceous glands do not need to produce excess oil to maintain moisture balance. This prevents Shine and protects the skin from drying out.

The second stage base. If the skin is dry or normal, this step is not mandatory, but for combination to oily skin it is needed. After moisturizing apply to face matautu basis. Such means perfectly align the microrelief of the skin, and some even improve the tone. Remember that the primer is mainly applied to the center of the face where the skin faster imeet. Enough of all the little peas of funds to cover your entire face. Start at the center and vatukoula to the periphery. It is best to apply the primer with a brush or your fingers so the coating will be more even.

Usually at this stage, the person is not long lasting, so no need to use mattifying creams. But if the skin is oily, it is better to give preference to them. So, after the primer apply a thin layer of Foundation, also shading it from the centre to the periphery. And that “Foundation” is better applied with a sponge or flat brush-tongue, using a little “air” movement to not coat the primer.

Concealer is the fourth step. Forget all those tips used by beauty bloggers on Youtube with a light hand of Kim Kardashian. Concealer to create a matte makeup face you need to put a dot on the flaws and a little under the eyes, otherwise you run the risk of creating the proverbial mask.

After correction of deficiencies it is important to fix the tone. It is not necessary to use a powder – tight colored powders can look too unnatural on the skin with so many matting products. Therefore, the makeup artists recommend using matte or spray-lock, or transparent fixing powder. The powder must be applied on T-zone and area correction. And that face does not look flat, and the skin seemed more natural, don’t forget to put on skolov bones a little light (very little).

That’s all, perfectly matte base ready, and then you can make whatever makeup.