Venezuela accuses Trump to threaten the stability of Latin America

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    Saturday, 12 August 2017 12:58

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 12:58

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    The venezuelan government has accused Saturday the american president Donald Trump want to put in danger the stability of Latin America with its “threat” reckless “military option” in the face of the crisis that has engulfed the country.

    “The threat reckless of the president, Donald Trump aims to lead Latin America and the Caribbean in a conflict that disrupts, permanently, the stability, the peace and security of our region”, said the minister of foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza, read a communiqué in the name of socialist president Nicolas Maduro.

    The text rejects “the most categorical and firm declarations unfriendly and hostile” of the american leader.

    “We have many options to Venezuela, including a possible military option if necessary,” said Friday, Donald Trump.

    In a statement broadcast by State television VTV, the minister Jorge Arreaza has launched an appeal to “members of the international community (…) so that they express their condemnation the more clear and unequivocal in the face of this dangerous breach of the peace and stability of the continent.”

    The installation of a constituent Assembly, decried by the opposition as an attempt to establish a “communist dictatorship”, has increased the tension in the relations between Caracas and Washington, who no longer had respective ambassadors since 2010.

    In early August, the United States has imposed sanctions direct to the president of venezuela that they have described as a “dictator”, a measure extremely rare against an officer in exercise.

    Mr. Arreaza stressed that the words of Mr. Trump had occurred “just a day after” the request by Mr. Maduro a “personal conversation” with his counterpart, by phone or in person at the general assembly of the united nations in September in New York.

    The White House responded in a statement that “president Trump will speak willingly with the leader of Venezuela as soon as democracy is restored in this country.”

    Venezuela is rocked by its worst political crisis in decades, with protests that have killed 125 people dead and thousands wounded in four months, but president Nicolas Maduro, whom the protesters are demanding the departure, remains deaf to international pressure.

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