Venus could be a life that is not like anything

Venus is one of the most inhospitable planets in our system.

На Венері може бути життя, яке не схоже ні на що

Its atmosphere resembles a medieval description of hell: thick clouds of sulfuric acid and the temperature at which can melt metal. And yet, here is life! Information about this has brought the research probe “akatsuki”, which was discovered previously unknown microorganisms in the high atmosphere. Scientists think that Venus has and multicellular forms of life — Leonid ksanfomaliti of the space research Institute claims that they can even be seen in the photographs of Soviet probes, reports Rus.Media.

In principle, the idea of the existence of life on Venus is quite logical. Liquid water and enough acceptable temperature level there existed almost two billion years longer than on Mars.

На Венері може бути життя, яке не схоже ні на що

Thus, scientists have suggested that some types of microscopic creatures rose to survive in the poisonous atmosphere of Venus, where the temperature is lower than on the surface. In addition, there is not only sulfuric acid but also drops of water and carbon dioxide.

Now NASA is developing a new project drone, which will travel to Venus with the next probe. He will show us how it looks mysterious life on ninepenny planet of the Solar system.

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